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James Jones

My work centers on the impact of television on American society, specifically the use of “The Twilight Zone” as a means of critiquing society in the early 1960s.  I argue that Rod Serling attempted three things through “The Twilight Zone”: he critiqued American society, he reflected certain social values and tried to shape social values into a more progressive mindset.  Finally, I seek to understand why “The Twilight Zone” continues to be a part of American culture, even 50 years since its inception.


Daniel Kennedy

Bennett Kimbell

I am studying the northern frontier of New Spain.

Mathew Kocsan

I am interested in European Diplomacy, Cultures in Imperial Decline, World War I, and the Spanish Civil War.


Cody Lass

              American nationalism during the Revolutionary War


Wesley Lummus

I am interested in Turkish Nationalism and the creation of the Turkish nation-state after WWI through the standardization of the Turkish language.


Valerie Martinez

Matthew McCurley

Medieval Italy

David C. McDaniel

I researching Medieval Spain, particularly 10th-13th Century Castile and Leon strategies of survival, accommodation, and conquest.

John McPherson


Sarah Myers

I am studying female service pilots in the Air Force.

Jenny Paxton

I am looking into Lubbock's WWII military glider base, the South Plains Army Air Field.



Philip G. Pope

I am researching rural town decline in the Texas Panhandle Plains.  Over the past century, rural to urban population movements have occurred worldwide.  Why has this decline occurred?  What are the consequences of this decline?  Various factors ranging from economics and politics to natural resources and civic leadership have been responsible for rural town decline.  The reasons for such decline are as numerous and varied as the affected towns themselves.  The decline of rural communities may be measured on either an absolute scale or a scale relative to other towns.  In order to create a manageable field of study, I have chosen to limit my study geographically to the Panhandle Plains and chronologically to the twentieth century.  The completed study will further specifically the study of urban history, rural history, economic history, Texas history, American West history, and twentieth century history.  Reasons for the decline, actions that residents hoped would halt or reverse the decline of their community, and actual results will be discussed.  Many rural communities are currently seeking ways to maintain their current population and validity, so while this will be a historical study, it contains themes that a significant segment of  the population will find relevant.


Mike Rollin




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