Texas Tech University

James Brink, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Director of HAL

Email: jim.brink@ttu.edu

A humanist by education, training, and inclination, Brink began teaching honors courses at Tech over thirty-five years ago.  His courses range from the millennia scoped surveys of Western Civilization to the micro examinations of World War I and Joan of Arc.  Brink's interest is in the affect of historical phenomena on individuals and groups and the effect individuals and groups have on history. 

Brink holds undergraduate degrees in French and history from the University of Kansas and graduate degrees in early modern European history from the University of Washington.  He has won twelve teaching awards from Tech and national recognition for the freshman seminar program he originated in 1991.  After a twelve year stint in the office of the Provost, Brink concentrated his efforts in the Honors College.  One of his favorite “duties” is to coordinate study in Paris each summer.  As the director of the Honors Arts and Letters degree, Brink works with the majors for them to shape and succeed in the flexible curriculum which culminates in the senior honors thesis.  His passion is to “light the light” of lifelong learning on a foundation of critical thinking.

Dr. James Brink


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