Texas Tech University

Honors Thesis Handbook

For all Honors students who intend to graduate with Highest Honors

This Handbook is for all Honors students, including HAL majors, who intend to graduate with Highest Honors. In order to do so, you must complete a thesis by taking HONS 3300 and 4300 (HAL majors will take these courses with Dr. Brink; non-HAL majors will take them with Dr. Williams). This Handbook is designed to assist you throughout the preparation and completion of your thesis. It contains pertinent information that will allow you to move through the process smoothly and help you produce a thesis that meets Honors College expectations and requirements. Using this information in the researching, writing, and formatting of your thesis will ensure that the finished product reflects your commitment and hard work.

The Honors College faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting you as you make the commitment to fulfill all Highest Honors criteria. HAL thesis should direct questions to Dr. Brink; non-HAL thesis students should direct their questions to Dr. Williams. Please do not hesitate to come to us with questions about any part of this Handbook, the thesis itself, or the thesis completion process.

Thesis Handbook