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Sam Heinz

David Sassano

Vice President of Business Development MED3OOO, Inc. Outcomes Matter

Dallas, Texas

Kathryn Griener, M.D.

Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency

Bryan, Texas

Sam Heinz

PeaceCorps Volunteer


"I truly believe that the Honors College provided me the tools, leadership, opportunities, and relationships which have allowed me to excel in the ever-changing and  competitive business environment." The Honors College helped me to enrich my breadth of knowledge through its diversity of courses that many students don't see themselves "having time" to take.  I particularly enjoyed my english courses, a sociology course in women's studies and Dr. Ketner's course in "Humanism in Medicine."   When your life resolves around math and science, it is important to remember that there is life outside of the "hard sciences."  I believe that I (try to) live it every day, by not only being a physician, but also serving as an educator to my patients, a teacher to medical students, and, of course, a wife and mother.

"The Honors College helped to shape me into a curious, inquisitive person with an awareness of the larger world around me, and a desire to understand the unknown. It was a place where I could experiment with new ideas - sometimes strange ideas - and not be afraid to fail, because in the end, the journey is sometimes more important than the destination. All of this has served me wonderfully as a small business Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru. Working with artisan groups, fishermen, and other counterparts, I have been able to apply skills that I acquired in the Honors College to achieve unique, sustainable solutions to problems that confront my host community."

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