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Want to be an Honors Ambassador?

 If you have great things to say about your experience in Honors and want to represent us to prospective students and at recruiting events, then becoming an Ambassador may be for you. Applications open in the spring for the following academic year.  Chosen applicants will be contacted to begin the interview process.

What are Honors Ambassadors?

The goal of the Honors Ambassadors is to provide information about the Texas Tech Honors College to prospective students, their parents, alumni, and other interested parties, based on a student perspective.  The Ambassadors group is committed to helping shape the future of the Honors College, not only in the legacy of leadership they leave behind in the projects they implement, but also by reaching out to a wide range of prospective students and helping to bring a diversity of fresh faces and ideas into the College. 

Who are the Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are selected as representatives that embody the outstanding quality of Honors students, which includes a commitment to an innovative, well-rounded education and demonstration of leadership.  Ambassadors will operate without a hierarchy of officers, which empowers every member to act as if the mantle of leadership is their responsibility and the success of the team depends upon their actions. When working together, Ambassadors will bring their individual capacity for creative thinking and problem solving, leadership, dependability, school spirit, and willingness to help each other into a team that is capable of planning and executing projects of their choosing throughout the year.  Each project that is undertaken should work towards the goals stated above, and, at the same time, it should serve as a positive teamwork experience for everyone involved. 

What do Honors Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors cultivate solid working relationships with the staff and faculty of the Honors College to ensure the overall mission of the Honors College is uniformly conveyed to interested students. 

Interested students should understand that the Honors College is designed to deliver a kind of liberal education to the intellectually curious and the academically capable student in supplement to the regular college experience.  Liberal education is traditionally the exploration of timeless ideas that permeate humankind, and Honors attempts to address them through innovative programs in education, including seminars, smaller classes that engage in discussion, and co-curricular opportunities.  Liberal education is different from general education in that it requires an expansion of learning beyond the minimum requirement of classes and experiences outlined in degree plans for graduation.  This kind of education is meant to help students become one of their own best resources as well-rounded and independently thinking members of their communities. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Honors Ambassadors, please email Lori Lightfoot, the Honors Ambassador Coordinator.