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Apply to the Honors College: Current & Transfer


Message from Dr. Susan Tomlinson, Director of Admissions:

Due to the high volume of applications, we ask that applicants email all questions to Dawn Moreno.

The application opens on September 1, 2014 and closes on March 1, 2015.

The Spring 2015 deadline for Current and Transfer students applying to be admitted in time for Spring 2015 classes is October 1, 2014. Spring applications may be held until Fall semester grades are posted (current TTU students) or sent to us in an official transcript (transfer students). Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.400 or better to apply to the Honors College.

The Fall 2015 deadline for Current and Transfer students is March 1, 2015.

Applications received after March 1, 2015 will not be processed.



Because this is a rolling review process and there are limited spaces in the Honors College, students who wait until the final deadline to send an application reduce their chances of being admitted.

We begin rolling review September 1st, with priority consideration given to applications submitted by December 1st. The earlier you are accepted to the Honors College, the better your chances to take full advantage of the university’s opportunities, such as assignments to June orientation sessions and Honors residence halls. Deadline for Current and Transfer applications to be considered for admittance to the following spring semester is October 1st. Deadline for an early decision (and admission to the following fall semester) is December 1st. Students who apply by this date are guaranteed a decision by February 1st. Because there are limited spaces available, some students may be placed on a waitlist, pending a final count of signed and returned contracts. You may apply to the Honors College before you are accepted to the university. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Important Dates:

  • September 1  Application opens
  • October 1      Deadline for applicants desiring admission in the upcoming spring semester
  • December 1   Deadline for applicants desiring an early decision
  • February 1    Notification of early decision
  • March 1         Application closes
  • April 15         Final notification of admission status for all non-waitlisted students
  • May 1            Contracts signed and returned (contracts not returned by this date will be null and void)
  • June 1           Final notification for waitlisted students


Transfer students must apply separately to Texas Tech University. Application and admittance to the university are completely separate from the Honors College application process.

Choosing a Major: It is not necessary to choose the in-house Honors major, Honors Arts & Letters, on the Texas Common Application in order to be admitted into the Honors College. Please select the major that you choose to pursue

Honors College Application Process

To be considered for admission, all Current and Transfer students must:

  • Be attending or admitted to Texas Tech University
  • Complete the Honors College online application, including two electronic recommendations
  • Pay the non-refundable $25 application fee online
  • Submit an Honors Plan detailing how you will complete the Honors Program

Honors College Application tips

Confine your answers to the space allotted. Please do not send resumes or other materials. Remember that the number of activities listed is generally less important than the quality. Consider listing those activities that show leadership, creativity, or a sense of responsibility in the community.

Answer the essay questions carefully and thoughtfully. The essay questions allow the admissions committee to gauge your critical thinking and writing skills. This is a portfolio application process. Your answers to the essay questions weigh heavily in the admissions decision. Please proofread your work.

Read all of the instructions, as well as the application, and think about your answers. Remember that the admissions committee reviews hundreds of applications each year. Because our application process is competitive, thoughtful answers are helpful to the admissions committee.


One of the things that we ask of students who apply to enter the college after already having been enrolled at the college level, is to provide an “Honors Plan” – a tentative progression and coursework outline which helps both you and us to better understand how you intend to complete the Honors program prior to your expected graduation date.

Successful completion (with a grade of B- or better) of 24 Honors credit hours (or 8 Honors courses) is required to earn the Honors designation upon graduation. Please email an outline of the eight Honors courses you may take, specified by the semester in which you plan to take them, in order to complete the program. The selection of eight tentative course options will be influenced by your chosen major and by the core curriculum credits you may already have fulfilled.

How to Choose Courses
In order to choose your tentative courses, it will be helpful for you to look back at past Honors course listings to see what courses we’ve recently offered on a regular or rotating basis (see past listing links at the top of the current Honors course listings page at, and it may also be helpful for you, in evaluating where you stand with degree and core curriculum requirements, to examine your degree plan in the TTU Undergraduate Catalog, located at Another resource that we can provide for you is a form called a Degree Tracking Sheet, specific to the college of your major, which will provide you with suggestions for possible Honors courses that may be applicable to your major requirements. You will find the Degree Tracking Sheets at; just choose the appropriate one for the college of your major.

How to Create an Honors Plan
We ask you to provide this Honors Plan as part of the application process because it enables us to make certain that you have enough time and coursework options remaining before your graduation to allow you to feasibly complete Honors program requirements. You may send your Honors Plan to in the body of an email, or alternatively, you may use the Degree Tracking Sheet to fill out your plan – just be sure to indicate the semester in which you intend to take each course you specify as well.


Please note: Students must be accepted to TTU before they will be able to sign up for a room and dining plan.

Sign up for Housing

Priority Room Selection is the system University Student Housing uses to guide students through the process of choosing their own bed space and dining plan. It allows you to select your own bed space in a particular room and hall; it does not allow you to select a particular roommate. On campus housing is in high demand. There is no deadline for signing up, but all rooms are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students accepted to the Honors College can sign up to live in the Honors Learning Community in either Gordon Hall or Murray Hall. The Honors Learning Community provides a unique experience for students accepted to the Honors College to live together in an environment supporting their academic, personal and professional success through the enriched learning experiences provided by the Honors College. If you don't yet qualify for the Honors LC, but believe you will in the future, you should go ahead and complete the room selection process while you wait for qualification. Once qualified, you may have the opportunity to change your room assignment over to the Honors LC. Watch our Priority Room Selection Walkthrough video to see the basic steps to sign up.

If you have any questions about signing up for a room and dining plan, you can contact University Student Housing directly by phone at 806-742-2661 or email them at