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Books are our Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: The EVHM major was phased out beginning Fall 2013 and is no longer accepting new students. Prospective majors should contact Megan Conley about similar major options or about the EVHM minor, which will continue to be available.


Can I minor in EVHM?

Yes, it is possible to minor in Environment and the Humanities by taking 18 hours of EVHM coursework. A minor degree plan is available online or from Megan Conley, the EVHM advisor.

Do I have to be in the Honors College to be an EVHM Minor?

No, though the EVHM minor is housed in the Honors College, it is not a requirement that the EVHM minor be a member of that program. Students interested in EVHM may want to check out the Honors College, however, since many of the EVHM courses count toward Honors credit.

What can I do with an EVHM Minor?

EVHM is primarily designed to prepare students for careers in environmental and nature writing, natural history interpretation, and environmental law. However, the EVHM curriculum is flexible and now includes specific tracks for students intending to pursue law school or medical school. Though it is still a young program, our alumni already have gone on to study law, attend medical school, pursue higher degrees in literature, landscape architecture, and creative writing, serve in the Peace Corps and the military, teach English in Japan, and work in museums, nature centers, and parks.

I'm transferring in to EVHM. Will I lose my credits?

If the office of the registrar approves the transfer of credits from your school, then the chances are good that we can apply some or all of them to the EVHM minor. The only way to know for certain, however, is to make an appointment with Megan Conley, the EVHM advisor, to evaluate the applicability of the coursework.