Mark McGinley

Dr. Mark McGinley

Assistant Dean, Honors College

Associate Professor, Biology and Honors

Director of Research

Mark McGinley is an Assistant Dean for the Honors College and an Associate Professor with a joint appointment in the Honors College and the Department of Biological Sciences. Originally from Thousand Oaks California, he earned a BA in Zoology from University of California, Santa Barbara, an MS in Biology from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah. Dr. McGinley began at Tech in 1991 and moved to the Honors College in 2005 where he is heavily involved in the EVHM degree. Dr. McGinley has scholarly interests in plant and animal ecology, science education, environmental issues, and marine conservation.  He  works closely with the Encyclopedia of Earth, an online source in reliable information about the environment.

In the Honors College he teaches Honors Integrated Science & Lab, Ecology for the Environment and the Humanities Program (EVHM), and a variety of environmental-based seminars and FYE courses. In the Biology Department he teaches Introductory Biology, Field Ecology, and Tropical Marine Biology (in Belize). Dr. McGinley likes to add a field component to his courses whenever possible.

For the 2010-2011 academic year, Dr. McGinley was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Biology at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to teaching at the University of Malaya and developing environmental education materials about Malaysia, Dr. McGinley was able to travel extensively around Malaysia so enjoy Malaysia’s  rich cultural diversity and the amazing biological diversity of Malaysian rainforests and coral reefs (

Much of Dr. McGinley’s free time revolves around scuba diving, so he is often teaching scuba courses, planning his next trip, or traveling.

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