Mohammad Maqusi
Mohammad Maqusi

Mohammad Maqusi teaches courses in contemporary Middle East Socio-Political Issues, as well as Introduction to Engineering, Great Books in Science, and Science in Technology. Dr. Maqusi earned his BS, MS, and ScD degrees in Telecommunications Engineering from New Mexico State University. Most recently, he served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs (2001-2006) at Arab Open University in Kuwait. Prior to his service as Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Maqusi served as the Interim President of Arab Open University, leading to the establishment of the AOU in six Arab countries. From 1990 to 1996, he was the Academic Vice President for the University of Jordan. In 1996, he began his association with Texas Tech University as a Visiting Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Dr. Maqusi has received many honors and awards throughout his career including the UN Secretary General Award in 1994 via the Foundation for the Support of the UN in Tokyo, Japan. His current areas of academic and intellectual interests are Middle Eastern Studies, Comparative Religion, and Technology and Social Development.

Dr. Maqusi's hobbies include reading, skiing, and music. When asked what types of music he especially enjoys, he notes that he especially enjoys listening to classical and country music.

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