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Most Honors College faculty members enjoy "dual citizenship," just as most Honors students do, in that they belong to another College and teach other classes for a department in that College, but they also agree to teach Honors sections of classes in their discipline or to teach multidisciplinary Honors seminars. To teach Honors classes, faculty members consult with their department chairs and then submit a copy of a proposed class syllabus to the Honors Office. They also include in the proposal a brief narrative of how they believe an Honors section of the class would differ from a non-Honors section. Honors students, staff, and other faculty members often identify professors with exceptional teaching skills and invite them to teach an Honors class. The Honors College encourages its students to be involved in the development of possible Honors classes, and any student who is interested in seeing a particular class taught by a certain faculty person should consult with a staff member in the Honors Office for more information.

Interested in teaching for Honors? Contact Janet Veal

Dr. Costica Bradatan

Dr. Costica Bradatan
Associate Professor
McClellan 202A

About Dr. Bradatan

Dr. James Brink

Dr. James Brink
Associate Professor, HAL Director
McClellan 213

About Dr. Brink

Professor Kurt Caswell

Kurt Caswell, MFA
Associate Professor
McClellan 201A

About Kurt Caswell

Dr. Gary Elbow 

Dr. Gary Elbow
Assoc. Vice Provost, Professor
Office of the Provost 104C

About Dr. Elbow

Dr. Donald Haragan

Dr. Donald Haragan
President Emeritus, Professor
McClellan 208

About Dr. Haragan

Dr. Mark McGinley

Dr. Mark McGinley
Assistant Dean

Associate Professor
McClellan 215

About Dr. McGinley

Dr. Michael San Francisco

McClellan 207

About Dr. San Francisco

Dr. Susan Tomlinson

Dr. Susan Tomlinson
Interim Associate Dean

Associate Professor, EVHM Director
McClellan 201B

About Dr. Tomlinson

Dr.Keira V. Williams

Dr. Keira V. Williams
Assistant Professor
McClellan 212

About Dr. Williams

adjunct FACULTY
Ambassador Nagy

Ambassador Tibor Nagy
Vice Provost
Office of International Affairs
About Ambassador Nagy