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A unique program at Texas Tech, the Honors First Year Experience (FYE) Program is built to fulfill many of the promises that we made to our prospective students during recruitment. In the FYE Program, Honors students will take one of our diverse core courses, each taught by a fantastic professor. They will also have a built in community through an attached Learning Community Group (LCG), taught by two upper-classmen who themselves went through this exact program no more than three years ago.

On this page, one can find links to a more detailed description of the program, as well as links to the FYE course listings page for the upcoming fall semester and a link to some biographical information on our LCG Mentors. Additionally, information can be found on the Passport Program, a voluntary extension of the FYE Program, in which students participate the spring semester after completion of FYE.

Please email FYE Coordinator, Sarah Timmons, with any questions you might have.