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megan conley

Megan Conley

“Megan studied German language and culture in Berlin during the summer of 2011.”

"Choosing the Honors College at Texas Tech has greatly enhanced my education. After graduating in a high school class of sixty-three, entering a freshman college class in the thousands was very intimidating to me.  However, the Honors College eased my transition by providing me with a smaller community while still enabling me to reap the benefits of a major university setting. The Honors class sizes are smaller and driven by discussion. The professors are interested in interacting with their students, and they take the time to know me personally. These are things one does not find in most non-honors courses.

My long term goal is to graduate with a law degree, and for my undergraduate studies, I have chosen Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) as my major. HAL is a degree program in the Honors College that allows me to write an Honors thesis, study abroad, and more fully prepare myself for law school. Every HAL graduate has a different experience, because each student creates a unique degree plan. Because I have chosen the Pre-Law track (along with a minor in Political Science), my degree will include courses in political science, philosophy, and economics. I have even had the opportunity to take a first-year law class in the Texas Tech School of Law as an Honors seminar.
Another great aspect of HAL is its study abroad requirement. Each student is strongly encouraged complete fifteen hours of coursework abroad. In order to fulfill this requirement, I took a two week tour of Ireland, led by a Texas Tech faculty member, during the summer of 2010. I then returned to Europe for the summer of 2011, where I studied political science in Berlin, Germany. Because of the flexibility of HAL, I plan to return to Berlin during the spring of 2012 to study German language. 

The Honors College also provides many opportunities outside of the classroom. In the spring of my freshman year, I participated in the Passport Program, an optional extension of the Honors First-Year Experience Program in which I volunteered twelve to fifteen hours of my time each month in community service, then wrote reflective essays on my experiences. Programs like Passport, combined with the Honors Book Club, Lunch Discussions, and unique classes provide a really well-rounded experience for each Honors student.

I personally have benefitted greatly from the opportunities I’ve had here, and I would encourage any prospective Texas Tech students to make the decision to join the Honors College and to consider Honors Arts and Letters as a major."


Caroline Courtney


“Caroline rides a bike in the gardens of Versailles during her Honors Study Abroad trip to London and Paris.”

“I decided to attend Texas Tech because it was among a handful of schools that offered me an athletic scholarship to play volleyball, and though its volleyball team was not the best, something else stood out about it. Tech combined many aspects that attracted my interest, like the atmosphere, the school spirit and the traditions. But the strong Honors College definitely made Tech stand out among the rest of the schools I was considering.

During my first semester I was a mass communications major, but after my first semester I was bored. I began looking for something more interesting and perhaps more challenging. I stumbled upon the HAL website, saw pictures of the places HAL students had traveled, and knew that HAL was something I wanted to pursue. I have not had one semester as a HAL major that I have not enjoyed. For the first time in my education, I was actually excited to take certain classes and enjoyed studying. I especially love the diversity of the major: in HAL I have the opportunity to learn about numerous issues that a strictly focused major would not allow. Perhaps the best aspect of HAL for me is the flexibility; HAL lets me choose what I want to learn. I have chosen Pre-Law Track classes that not only help me prepare for my thesis, but that really interest me.

After my final year at Tech I plan to attend law school and work in international law. Nothing will help me prepare more for my chosen career than HAL has. Right now I'm writing this at a cafe in Seville, Spain; HAL is the only reason I am here right now. The major puts a tremendous emphasis on the study abroad experience for a good reason. Studying abroad has changed my life, both in terms of my world view as well as what I decided to do with my future. In addition, HAL makes the experience possible with large Study Abroad Scholarships. I studied in London and Paris with the Honors College two years ago and realized I had to go abroad again. That initial experience inspired me to work hard to learn another language and now I'm almost fluent in Spanish and feel prepared to work internationally.”


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