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HAL Flexible Degree Tracks

Pre-Law Health and Humanities Art and Aesthetics American Studies Western Civilization

This degree is intended to provide students who have wide-ranging interests in the arts and humanities with a broad-based and flexible liberal arts education similar to what many small liberal arts colleges offer. HAL will provide you with a foundation in history, humanities, language, and art, while the track you choose within the major will allow you to focus on a more specific area of study or career track.

The Honors Arts and Letters major is designed to allow students to exercise creativity in crafting a flexible course of study firmly rooted in the liberal arts while permitting space for 5 to more Track courses of the student’s own choosing. Track classes must be writing-intensive, thesis-related upper-level hours, and should be approved by the HAL Advisor. 120 coursework hours are required for completion of any TTU degree, including the HAL major. At least 30 of these hours must be upper-level. Minors are not required for the HAL degree but are optional, and should be chosen in consultation with the HAL Advisor. Click here to view and download the HAL Degree Plan for 2013-2014.