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Please note: Students must be admitted to Texas Tech University before they will be able to reserve university housing and purchase a dining plan.

Priority Room Selection is the system University Student Housing ustilizes to guide students through the process of reserving a bed space and dining plan. It allows you to select your own space in a particular room and residence hall; it does not allow you to select a particular roommate. On campus housing is in high demand, there is no deadline for signing up, but all rooms are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

gordonStudents accepted to the Honors College may sign up to live in the Honors Learning Community in either Gordon Hall or Murray Hall as space long as permits. The Honors Learning Community provides a unique experience for students accepted to the Honors College to live together in an environment supporting their academic, personal, and professional success through the enriched learning experiences provided by the Honors College. If you don't yet qualify for the Honors LC, but believe you will in the future, you should go ahead and complete the room selection process while you wait for acceptance into the Honors College. Once accepted, you may have the opportunity to change your room assignment over to the Honors LC. Watch our Priority Room Selection Walkthrough video to see the basic steps to signing up.

If you have any questions about signing up for a room and dining plan, you can contact University Student Housing directly by phone at 806-742-2661 or by email at