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What Can I Major in as an Honors Student?

Most students enrolled in the Honors College have a major in some other college such as Arts and Sciences, Engineering or Business Administration. These students are enrolled in both the college of their major and also in the Honors College. However, the Honors College also has two unique, stand-alone major programs and one minor. You don’t have to enroll in these programs to be an Honors Student, but we think these are very special programs that might appeal to Honors students. These special programs are briefly described in the paragraphs below. If they look interesting to you, we hope you will click on the appropriate link and learn more about them.




This degree is intended to provide students who have wide-ranging interests in the arts and humanities with a broad-based and flexible liberal arts education similar to what many small liberal arts colleges offer. HAL will provide you with a foundation in history, humanities, and art, while the several tracks within the major allow you to focus on a specific area of study or career track. This major is especially appropriate for students who are considering a career in law and there is also a special track that prepares students to enter medical school and other health-related graduate programs. HAL students are qualified for admission to graduate schools in a variety of non-technical fields. The emphasis of the major is on critical thinking and problem-solving, which is an excellent preparation for many different career choices.

Application and acceptance to the Honors College is required in order for a student to be an Honors Arts and Letter major. Visit "How to Apply" in the left side menu for the application.

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NOTE: The EVHM degree program will be phased out beginning in Fall 2013. As of February 19, 2013 the major will no longer be accepting new students. Prospective majors should contact Thomas Reynolds about similar major options or about the EVHM minor, which will continue to be available.

The Environment and the Humanities(EVHM) minor, administered by the Honors College at Texas Tech University, is a broadly-based liberal arts minor designed to enable a student to gain working knowledge of the natural sciences, philosophy, and the humanities. It is unique in that it emphasizes the application of science knowledge to a creative endeavor. The knowledge and skills obtained through this degree will enable the student to pursue a number of post-graduate options, including graduate school, science journalism, nature writing, nature photography, museum science, documentaries, and other careers that require a merging of science and humanities disciplines.

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The purpose of the Humanities minor is to give the inquiring and curious student a flexible and interdisciplinary program that will allow exploration in various areas of interest. This minor encourages a broad-based and overarching approach to the investigation of human accomplishment which expresses visions of life and values for living that offer both enjoyment and wisdom.

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