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Below is some helpful information about majors and student housing, as well as a checklist of the things to take care of before attending your summer Red Raider Orientation (RRO) date.  Please make sure to complete all of the steps listed in the RRO section before attending your orientation session to make your time at RRO as efficient and stress-free as possible.


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Selecting a major

Honors College Contract and Handbook

University Student Housing

RRO Checklist

Fall 2012 First-Year Experience Program

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Selecting a major as an Honors student

The Texas Tech University Honors College does not require our students to major in any one program.  In reality, Honors student majors are as diverse as our students themselves!

The Honors College does have two internal majors, however, Honors Arts & Letters (HAL) and Enrivonment & the Humanities (EVHM).  However, it is not required that you major in HAL or EVHM in order to be a member of the Honors College.

If you mistakenly selected HAL or EVHM on the Texas Common Application for admission to Texas Tech University, please click here to switch your major to the degree you actually want to pursue. Please take care of this prior to attending summer orientation to make your time on campus as efficient as possible.


Honors College Contract and Handbook

With your acceptance letter, you also received a contract of acceptance to join the Honors College.  As soon as you have made your decision to attend Texas Tech and join the Honors College, you must sign and send the contract to our office.

As one of the terms of the contract, you as an incoming student must read and agree to the Honors College Student Handbook.  Please click here to be linked the handbook.  If you have any questions about the contract or the handbook, contact the Honors College


University Student Housing

As a member of the Honors College, you are eligible to live in Gordon or Murray Halls, the Honors College Learning Communities on Texas Tech campus.  Spaces in Gordon Hall are limited and fill quickly every year on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you do not get into Gordon Hall, there are a number of other residence halls on campus available, many with other important learning communities, such as Business, Engineering and Music.

So, Gordon is full.  Now what?


Red Raider Orientation (RRO) checklist

We hope that by using this checklist you will come fully prepared for orientation, which includes your first round of advising (both with your major and with Honors) and registration for your fall courses.


Questions and Contact Information

Application Process – Honors

Honors Orientation – Sarah Timmons

First-Year Experience (FYE) – Sarah Timmons

General Questions – Honors  or 806-742-1828