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National and International Scholarships & Fellowships

The Office of National Scholarships and International Scholarships and Fellowships is dedicated to providing guidance and support for all high achieving students at Texas Tech as they compete for national and international awards across all disciplines. The scholarships and fellowships are for creative, motivated, academically strong students who are leaders in and out of the classroom.

We identify, recruit and mentor students who apply for prestigious scholarships such as the Truman, Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall and Mitchell. We also work with faculty members to recruit candidates, write strong letters of recommendation, review applications and essays, and provide mock interviews for applicants. This process ensures that students’ applications are of the highest caliber and reflect the students’ excellence.

Working with All Students Across Campus

Our doors are open to all students who are interested in merit-based scholarships. We work with undergraduate and graduate students at all levels and in all fields. Texas Tech students are excellent candidates for these awards and we want to discuss your options with you! Come to a workshop or call to make an appointment today.

Forms for Interested Students

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Texas Tech Scholarship Recipient News

Ten Texas Tech Faculty Receive Fulbright Awards

Texas Tech grad receives Fulbright Award

Approaching Deadlines

All campus & national deadlines are running for the application year.

Fall  Deadlines

Applications Requiring University Endorsement

Scholarship:                       TTU Deadline                                    Final  Deadline

Marshall                               September 3, 2013                          October 1, 2013

Mitchell                                September 3, 2013                          October 1, 2013

Rhodes                                 September 3, 2013                          October 2, 2013

Spring Deadlines

Scholarship:                       TTU Deadline                                    Final  Deadline

Goldwater                          November 1, 2013                           January 31, 2014

Truman                                November 1, 2013                           February 4, 2014

Searching for Scholarships?

The most effective way for you to take advantage of our extensive database of scholarships might be to spend a few minutes browsing though this list to pinpoint scholarships that are most relevant to you.

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Undergraduate study

The first step toward undergraduate scholarship money is identifying programs that are open for application.  Some scholarship money actually goes out to high-school and middle-school students, so it is never too early to be proactive about securing educational aid.

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graduate study

When most people think of college scholarships, they think of awards given to college freshmen based on applications submitted during their senior years of high school. While many scholarships do fit this description, this is by no means the case for all awards: In fact, there is free money awarded to students at level.

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candidate characteristics

You may be wondering how to distinguish yourself from your competition. While every scholarship has it’s own list of eligibility requirements, applicants need to go above and beyond the bare minimum to impress the committee — and win the award. Not sure how to do that? Here are four qualities almost every scholarship committee is looking for:

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contact the advisor

Lynne Fallwell, Ph.D.                     Director of National and International Scholarships/Fellowships             Texas Tech University                  Honors College                            McClellan Hall 209                                 Box 41017                                      Lubbock, TX 79409-1017                                            Tel: (806) 834-0486

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