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Purpose of the House System

The four houses of the Honors College recognize the support, the vision, and the persistence of four administrators who helped to found the College on Texas Tech campus. The Dr. Gary Bell House of Knowledge, the Dr. Robert Lawless House of Integrity, the Dr. Donald Haragan House of Service, and the Dr. Jane Winer House of Courage represent the four pillars of the Honors College by which we educate, learn, live, dream, and innovate together as a community.

The four house system, seeking to welcome freshmen and inspire community, harkens back to Dean San Francisco's primary education in India. "When I attended St. Joseph's Boys High School in Bangalore, students were placed into one of four houses. Everything we did from academic performance to the sports field to theater and behavior counted towards the house. This sense of 'belonging' taught me not to work just for myself but also for a 'greater good.'"

Application for House Points
Being Sorted

Bell House was awarded the House Cup for 2015-2016!

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