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Friday Lunch Discussions

The Honors College Friday Lunch Discussion is a weekly event in which Honors students, faculty, staff and visitors gather to participate in a lively and civil discussion over a free lunch.

A guest facilitator is invited to introduce a debatable and relevant topic for the week, which can be anything from the importance of pop culture in academia, to sugar consumption and addiction, to the constitutionality of military actions. The diverse experiences and perspectives within the Honors College community makes the Honors College Lunch Discussion an eye-opening and enriching academic experience outside of a formal classroom setting.

Lunch Discussion 

When are Lunch Discussions?

Our discussions are held every Friday during the fall and spring semesters from 12:00-1:00 pm in the southwest study lounge of the Horn/Knapp Residence Hall.

Horn/Knapp is located across from the Band Lot (which is behind the Student Union Building) and south of the Honors College. Enter through the west-facing double-doors and the southwest study lounge will be on the right, past the Community Advisor's office.

There is no prior commitment or RSVP required to attend a lunch discussion. An up-to-date description of the topic for any given week may be found in the Honors College The Weekly email.

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Become a Lunch Discussion Facilitator

Facilitators may be faculty members, staff members, students, alumni, or members of the wider Lubbock community. The only requirement for acting as a facilitator is that you have an interesting topic in mind to open for discussion. Facilitators are scheduled in advance, before the beginning of each semester. If you are interested as acting as a guest facilitator, please email Kelsey Frazier

Sponsor a Lunch Discussion

The Lunch Discussion sponsors purchase the lunch for the attendees, which is typically sandwiches or pizza. Additionally, sponsors can, if they choose, facilitate the discussion as well. Honors Alumni and community members are invited to participate.

Please email Kelsey Frazier for additional information.