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Undergraduate Research Scholars


Spurring the intellectual curiosity of undergraduate students through active participation in the discovery process is one of the goals of the Honors College.

Because meaningful research experiences promote active learning through guided discovery, the Honors College offers the Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) Program.


The program encourages undergraduate participation in significant research experiences in all disciplines by fostering collaboration with faculty across campus and by providing funding for student researchers. A collaborative research project may be initiated by either a student or a faculty member.


Your two-semester research experience will culminate with the creation and presentation of a scholarly poster or paper at the Texas Tech University Undergraduate Research Conference, an event occurring each spring.

Your presentation enables you and other schoalrs to share your work, to gain experience in formal scholarship/research presentations, and to bring visibility to undergraduate research at Texas Tech University. Poster and paper presentations will be reviewed by TTU faculty and URS peers.



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For more information or to request an application, contact Lori Lightfoot, the Honors College Undergraduate Research Coordinator.