Please keep in mind that items labeled gluten-free do not contain wheat, barley, or rye, but are produced in a kitchen that is not certified gluten-free.  It is recommended that all guests with food allergies consult our Registered Dietitian for additional assistance and accommodations at (806) 834-0849 or email


Vegetarian options are offered at almost all locations on campus.  We will work with students on an individual basis if needed to provide ingredient lists and suggestions.  For additional information regarding tips on substitutions for creating vegetarian meals, as well as general information about vegetarianism, pick up one of the vegetarian Smart Choices/Wellness Brochures.  You can also check out the healthy eating guidelines page for more information on eating a healthy vegetarian diet.  Click on any location listed on the right for available vegetarian options at that location.  We are also continuously adding new vegetarian foods to our menus in dining halls and retail outlets, so check back often to learn about new items. 

Special Diets

Gluten Intolerance


Students that must abstain from gluten containing products are given as much consideration as possible.  We work with students on an individual basis if needed to give them access to food labels and ingredient lists.  Some of our locations will cook to order certain items that are gluten free, so speak with a manager if you would like more information about these items.  Below is a list of gluten-free products available on campus to help students identify products that are safe for their consumption, without having to ask for a manager. We are constantly searching for gluten-free items to increase the options available for students, so check the website regularly to learn about new gluten-free products being offered on campus.  Click any of the locations listed on the right for gluten-free items available at that location.


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