Texas Tech University

Global Leadership Learning Community

For 2017-2018, the Global Leadership Learning Community will be located in Coleman Hall, and is open to any resident interested in living in an environment that pairs domestic and international students together. This unique living/learning experience will educate students about differing cultures, ideas, experiences and help prepare them to be leaders for global engagement.

The Global Leadership Community is a collaboration of University Student Housing, The Office of International Affairs, the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center and the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. The goal of this Learning Community is to help residents become citizens of the world by bringing the world into the community through intercultural awareness, leadership development, experiential learning, and an introduction to a variety of campus, community, and global resources. Global Leadership residents participate in numerous activities to explore current world events and international perspectives as they prepare for leadership roles as active global citizens.

Global Leadership

Student Experience

The goal is to develop globally competent leaders who:

  • Exhibit awareness of one's own cultural values, beliefs, attitudes, biases and stereotypes and the impact of these on others.
  • Acknowledge and respect the existence of different cultural values, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Seek knowledge about world history, current events, global economics and sustainability.
  • Recognize that people's well-being is interconnected and globally interdependent.
  • Accept responsibility for active world citizenship.
  • Practice global leadership methods that focus on inclusion, collaboration and crossing boundaries.

Events and activities may include:

  • Participating in community service projects.
  • Listening to a variety of guest speakers.
  • Attending campus events like football games with your LC.
  • Sharing meals with faculty and other students.
  • Attending a wide range of social events including barbecues, game nights, cosmic bowling, and dance central.