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Parents and Students

Parents and family play an important role in the success of their sons and daughters experience living on campus at Texas Tech. University Student Housing encourages parents and family to communicate with their students, helping guide them through various different exciting experiences accompanied with the new transition to college.

Before Arriving On-Campus

Students can find their R Number or Student ID using their Raiderlink account. These identifiers are different than the eRaider username and password, which is used by the student to access sensitive student information, including grades and payments.

Parents who would like to have access to billing information may contact Student Business Services and make a request to fill out the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form. Students must sign the FERPA form to release educational information to the parents.

Parents and students are encouraged to take a tour of our residence halls to get a feel for the on-campus experience. Tours are every weekday and on some Saturdays. To schedule a tour, contact Undergraduate Admissions.

To sign up for housing, click any blue button located on the website. The sign-up button is on the main web page under the big banner, or on the sign-up guide.

Who Can Help Your Student?

University Student Housing hires several staff members to assist students living on campus. Community Advisors (CAs) are students that live on the floor of the building to help resolve disputes, promote in-hall safety, and provide opportunities for students to make friends and become involved through various in-hall events. The Student Business Assistants (SBA's) in the halls run the main office of the building. This staff is responsible for organizing mail, maintaining lock-out keys for the complex, and general building administrative tasks. Graduate Hall Coordinators are graduate students who help the Community Advisors run events and provide other support services. The Residence Life Coordinators are the full time professional staff members who are in charge of the building community. They handle conflicts between students that cannot be resolved by the Community Advisors. Residence Life Coordinators also help the Community Advisors plan fun and educational events to help in-hall students succeed. Finally, Facility Coordinators will walk the halls at night for student safety.


When students select a room to live on campus, the student selects the specific room and dining plan. University Student Housing does not offer roommate matching due to the self-select process. Students are encouraged to email their roommate as soon as they receive room details to begin the planning process. If a student does not feel their roommate will be compatible before arriving on campus, the student may change their housing assignment. Students can change their housing assignment as many times as they like, provided there is space availability.

When students are considering living with friends, University Student Housing encourages parents to discuss the benefits and challenges of living with friends. Many students experience profound growth and changes during their college experience and students may find that their friends may change.

If there is a conflict once the student arrives, the student may talk with their Community Advisor. The Community Advisor will attempt to mediate any conflicts if possible. If the situation cannot be resolved with the Community Advisor, the Graduate Hall Coordinator or Residence Life Coordinator may help assist each roommate in resolving the conflict. Students may also request to change rooms or halls if space is available.

Common Concerns for Parents and Students

Safety and security are important for our students living on campus. Building entrances are keycard locked, requiring guests to be escorted at all times. Residents are responsible for their guest's actions in the halls. The doors in the residence hall will auto-lock, to prevent theft and keep residents safe. In addition, there are several Blue Light Phones located around campus that students may use in case of emergencies.

University Student Housing has an alcohol and drug policy. Students are expected to follow all rules related to alcohol and drugs. Community Advisors may address any concerns your student may have about this policy.

Students who become ill should visit the Wellness Center, located on campus. Professional doctors can help students with many health-related issues, including providing prescriptions. The Wellness Center can be contacted at (806) 743-2848.

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Special Services

University Student Housing encourages students to be involved in clubs, activities, and events. Students who are involved are more likely to have a better experience living on campus, and they are more likely to succeed. University Student Housing promotes this by having Community Advisors plan events that are both educational and fun for the students. This helps students make friends and find study groups.

Tutoring is available for students around campus, including within their own residence hall. Many tutoring subjects are offered in residence halls and students are encouraged to take advantage of this free convenient service. Tutoring is also available at the Learning Center.

Parent and Family Relations and the Texas Tech Parents Association are excellent resources for parents to connect with other Red Raider parents and to become involved in the general success of their student. The Parents Association can help give advice and information to parents through their vast support network.

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