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Felicia Maxwell

Felicia Maxwell

Supervisor - Wall, Gates, Hulen, Clement, Talkington

Serving Students for 6 Years

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About Felicia

Felicia Maxwell began working for Texas Tech in 2010. Previously, she worked as an Executive Housekeeper for a hotel for seven years, and had a janitorial and house cleaning company for eight years.

Favorite Memory at Texas Tech?

"I'm not sure of a favorite memory but my first summer here was a disaster, seeing as I never knew what building I was in. Horn and Knapp were being remodeled and I had to let two ladies in an apartment with a room number of the 1st floor but no, it was on the 2nd floor. So I was totally lost and when I went to leave the building I couldn't find my car!"

What do you enjoy most about Support Services?

"My favorite thing about support services is the people and the students. It's a great feeling when a student graduates and comes back to see you and knowing you were important to that student."

Felicia's Staff

Felicia's Staff