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TTU Research Associate

  • Responsibilities
    • Works with HPCC users to analyze existing codes and develop and deploy new applications into existing or new environments.
    • Assists users with gaining access to HPCC resources as well as regional, national, and international high-performance computing and supercomputing resources for the performance of their research.
    • Assists in developing techniques for large-scale use of high-performance computing resources both locally and through external collaborations.
    • Assists in obtaining research funds and/or perform research into advanced computing.
    • Distributes results of work through refereed publications, presentations at national conferences and working with other institutions.
    • Monitors status of and helps maintain HPC resources.
    • Documents policies and procedures for deploying advanced computing software and trains students in advanced computing techniques like deploying new software and porting applications into the new environments.
    • Adheres to all appropriate Institutional policies (including IT OPs) and other relevant internal departmental policies.
  • Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    • 100% extensive supervision of graduate and undergraduate students as needed.
    • Skill in programming in either C++ or Fortran.
    • Knowledge of high-performance computing methods, tools, and techniques including parallel computing (MPI and/or MPICH), high throughput computing and large-scale batch systems.
    • Ability to learn new and deploy new methods and techniques.
    • Familiarity with techniques for large-scale collaborative use of computing resources and industry trends in this area.
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