Daniel Houchin

Daniel Houchin
PC/Network Support II
IT Help Central
Information Technology Division

Daniel is an affable, hardworking individual with an obvious passion for doing the right thing. He handles challenges and adversity with a confident determination, and he gently pulls others along to ensure the ultimate goals are achieved. Daniel was responsible for guiding the project of the Student Business Services dedicated call center. A task that normally takes 6 months to accomplish was ready for "go live" in less than 2 months. Not only was the center ready in an incredibly short time period, but Daniel provided hands-on training to newly hired call center agents suggesting best approaches for handling the voluminous number of calls SBS would receive. Daniel's job, by its very nature, is behind the scenes. Very few TTU employees know Daniel's name or his role, ironically, we would all know if he wasn't here to take care of us!

Criteria for Consideration for the Masked Rider Award