Administration and Finance Chancellor Kent Hance, Jennifer Adling, Simone Barnhill, Noel Sloan, TTU Interim President Lawrence Schovanec (not pictured: Sharon Williamson)

Administration and Finance

Each of these directors has demonstrated astute, interactive leadership in educating and encouraging staff in their departments through skills training and developing a team spirit within their departments. In addition, each has developed efficiencies, processes, and procedures that encourage cooperative communication among staff in their own departments and interaction between the departments. Communication from these Administration and Finance departments to academic departments through training programs and workshops, for example, has significantly improved, streamlined, and in many cases, simplified the financial processes followed by the academic departments, thereby increasing the amount of time that academic departments can focus on programs to enhance and advance the education of our students. One of the biggest accomplishments of these individuals was the assistance they provided in helping the Institution achieve a major milestone in the National Research University Fund. Without their leadership, innovation, and outstanding customer service, the Institution may not have reached the major $8 million milestone.

Criteria for Consideration for the Guns Up Award