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Chancellor's Colonel Rowan Award for Execution

The Chancellor's Colonel Rowan Award for Execution is based on "A Message to Garcia," a piece of literature published by the Acton Foundation. The story recalls President William McKinley's need to get an urgent message to General Calixto Garcia, who was leading an insurgent force against Spanish troops in Cuba. However, no one was sure of Garcia's exact location, other than the mountains of Cuba. The President summoned Colonel Andrew Rowan and gave him a sealed pouch with one simple command: "Get that message to Garcia."

Four days later, Rowan reached shore in Cuba. After three weeks, he emerged from the jungle having successfully delivered the message to Garcia. Colonel Rowan did not procrastinate or put together a committee to determine the best way to deliver the message. He simply executed the task he was given.

All nominators are encouraged to read "A Message to Garcia," which is available on the Acton Foundation's website at

The Chancellor's Colonel Rowan Award for Execution recognizes an individual who has one or more years of service with Texas Tech. The award is given to an individual who demonstates the ability to execute and follow-up with important projects. The individual should also demonstrate the following attributes:

Eligibility Criteria:
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