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Employee Enrichment

Employee Tuition Assistance Program

Texas Tech employees are offered a tuition waiver for eligible full-time employees. It exempts employees from tuition and fees for one course per term up to a maximum of four SCH during any fall, spring, or summer term and up to a maximum of ten SCH for any academic year.

TTU OP 70.29 Employee Tuition Assistance Program

Educational Incentive Pay

The Educational Incentive Pay program rewards staff employees who take the initiative to increase their job worth by gaining job-related knowledge, behaviors, and personal and professional skills to enhance their value to their department and the university.

TTU OP 70.18 Educational Incentive Pay

Employee Training and Development

It is the policy of Texas Tech to encourage the development of employees so that employees may gain job-related knowledge, behaviors, and professional skills to improve job performance and contribute to the long-term improvement of the institution. Therefore, employees may be permitted to enroll in courses and training opportunities. More...

TTU OP 70.41 Employee Training and Development

Employee Dependent Scholarship

Texas Tech employees dependents have the option to apply for an Employee Dependent Scholarship provided under IRS Code 117(d)(1) funded by the earnings from the original fund invested in accordance with the investment policies of the TTU/TTUHSC Board of Regents. More...

Awards and Recognition

Texas Tech takes pride in its employees and loves to recognize those individuals who have shown their dedication and loyalty to the University. There are several different types of awards that Human Resources gives out each year, including the Distinguished Staff Awards, the Service Excellence Leave Award, and the Length of Service Award. More...

Top Techsan Award

The Texas Tech Alumni Association created the Top Techsan Staff Award to acknowledge employees who have shown extraordinary work proficiency and an attitude of team spirit within the Texas Tech family. More...

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