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Staff Exit Procedures


  1. Submit an employee resignation letter

    All benefits eligible faculty and staff who are voluntarily leaving Texas Tech should submit an employee resignation letter to give to their supervisor. It is also recommended that each employee give their supervisor at least two weeks notice before departing from the University.

  2. Submit Appropriate Forms

    Lump Sum Vacation Certification Form: This form can be used to transfer vacation time from one Texas state agency to another if the qualifications are met. Otherwise, this form can be used to submit a request for a vacation check for all unpaid vacation. This form can be submitted to Payroll Services or Human Resources. More information about vacation leave and the lump sum payment can be found in TTU OP 70.45 Vacation Leave.

    Application to Contribute to the Sick Leave Pool: The Sick Leave Pool is made up of unused sick leave hours from current or previous employees of Texas Tech. Employees leaving Texas Tech are welcome to donate their unused sick leave to the Sick Leave Pool if they so choose by filling out the Application to Contribute to the Sick Leave Pool form. More information about the Sick Leave Pool can be found in TTU OP 70.44 Sick Leave and Sick Leave Pool.

  3. Return University Property

    All Univeristy property including keys, cell phones, computer equipment, uniforms, and any other items that were furnished to you by Texas Tech University must be returned.

  4. Review the Employee Exit Checklist

    The Employee Exit Checklist is a guide for all exiting employees to use when leaving the University. It includes the things both the exitting employee and the manager must do to ensure a smoothe transition for both individuals.

  5. Employee Exit Interview

    All Texas Tech staff employees who voluntarily leave the university will be contacted by a Human Resources representative to complete an exit interview. These interviews are strictly confidential and used to gather information regarding the experience of employees leaving the organization. More information concerning staff employee exit interviews can be found on the Exit Interview Process page in the Forms, Policies, and Procedures section.


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