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Managing and Assigning Security Access

The Texas Tech Banner Enterprise System is a multi-dimensional, administrative database and set of applications that gives a complete picture of Human Resources, Student Systems, and Finance for tracking and reporting purposes.


TEAM is an online tracking, reporting and management system that allows Org Managers to assign and manage security roles for employees whose job description requires access to Banner online systems.

Assign security roles: Go to TEAM . Select Access Request > Human Resources Security Request, enter the employee's eRaider ID, and select the appropriate role.

Find reports: Go to TEAM . Select Use Reports, and choose ePAF Approvers by Department or ePAF Originators by Home Department.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF)

The ePAF is used to make employment status changes such as hire, separate, begin and end jobs, increase/decrease salaries, transfer, etc.

ePAF Originators must register for the All About Human Resources and ePAF (HREPAF01) class. Originators will receive access upon successful completion of the class.

ePAF Approvers are granted access by their organizational management via the How to Grant Security Access to ePAF Approvers video.

TEAM automatically assigns ePAF Approvers to Level 20 (Department). Managers can also request approvers to be assigned to additional approval levels. Contact


Reports of who has ePAF access: Go to TEAM, select Use Reports, and choose ePAF Approvers by Department or ePAF Originators by Home Department.

Please contact HR Systems with questions or problems with ePAF access at

Human Resources Reporting (Cognos)

Org Managers can authorize individuals via TEAM to review Human Resources Reports in Cognos for their organizations.

How to grant access to Human Resources Reports (video)

To signup for Human Resources Reporting (Cognos) Training, go to the AFISM Web site, click HR-Payroll, and then Introduction to Human Resources Reporting.

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