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Administrators Group Meeting Minutes for 2014

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Month Speakers and Topics Minutes

January 2014

Jodie Billingsley: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, I-9 Training, Texas Tech Advantage

Sherrelle Vaughn: Raider Research University (RRU) Class Dates

Jeff Deitiker: 2013 W-2 Information

Kara Newcomb: 2013 Form 1042S and Glacier Tax Prep

LaDonna Johnson: Out-of-Pocket Coinsurance Maximums Start Over January 1, 2014, February Retirement Educational Session

Candice Rice: Length of Service Verifications

Todd Phillips / Stephanie West: New Talent Development Supervisor, EEO Online Training, Leadership Training, Length of Service Awards


February 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training, Administrators Group Survey, Kenexa Project Progress, ePM Project Progress

Crista McCune: Annual Physical Inventory Certifications due June 30, 2014

Jeff Deitiker: 2013 W-2 Forms, Over-Payment Policy

Candice Rice: Texas Tech Advantage Website

LaDonna Johnson: March Retirement Educational Session, What’s New at TRS/ERS

Todd Phillips: New Section Manager, Nepotism Training


March 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training, Administrators Group Survey Results, Spring Break Holiday, Texas Tech's Job Posting Website, The Chronicle's "Great Colleges to Work For" Survey, April Retirement Educational Session

Jeff Deitiker: Payroll Staff Change, Enhancements to TeamApp, Payroll Reconciliation Process, Summer Insurance, Payroll Services Newsletter

Candice Rice: Safety Training in SumTotal

Macy Layne: Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program

Todd Phillips: Annual Staff Performance Evaluations, Electronic Performance Management (ePM)

Byron Anderson: Summer ePAF Appointments


May 2014

Candice Rice for Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training, Memorial Day Holiday

Kara Newcomb: FiTS - Financial Transaction System; Gifts, Awards & Prizes, Inventory Certification

Candice Rice for LaDonna Johnson: Annual Insurance Enrollment Dates, New ESC Employee, ERS Dependent Audit, New Applicant Tracking System - Kenexa Update

Stephanie West: Distinguished Staff Awards (DSA), Length of Service (LOS) Pins

Todd Phillips: Performance Evaluation Instructions

Byron Anderson: Budget Prep Refresher


July 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training

Crista McCune: Fiscal Year 2014 Year-End Accounting and Deposit Deadlines

LaDonna Johnson: Annual Insurance Enrollment Dates and Plan Changes, New for Annual Enrollment, Benefit Updates

Jeff Deitiker: Faculty Salary Spread, Time Clock Plus (TCP)

Stephanie West: Distinguished Staff Awards (DSA) Extension

Todd Phillips: Missing Staff Performance Evaluations

Byron Anderson: New ePAF Calculator


August 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training

Carey Hewett: SHREDTech Shredding and Recycling Service

Crista McCune: Budget Timeline for FY 2014 Closing/FY 2015 Opening Processes; Financial Services FY 2014 Year-End Accounting & Deposit Deadlines

Candice Rice: SumTotal User Interface; Texas Tech Advantage/Beneplace – New Webpage and Promotions


September 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training, Flu Shot Clinic, Retirement Seminars

Crista McCune: Reminders for FY 2014 Close

Jeff Deitiker: Faculty email on Deferred Pay, TRS Deduction Increase, August Leave Report Due Date, Verify Appointments by Running HR 121

Lacey Ellis: New Fiscal Year Workshops, ePaf Quick Tips/Reminders

Stephanie West: Introduction of New Employee

Cynthia Topete: EEO Training and Compliance

Carolyn Lugo-Allred: ePM Training Classes

Byron Anderson: Calculation Job Aids to Assist ePAF Originators

Jodie Billingsley: Affordable Care Act (ACA) PowerPoint Presentation


Novemeber 2014

Jodie Billingsley: I-9 Training

Candice Rice: SumTotal User Interface, E H & S Training

LaDonna Johnson: Texas Tech Careers Training Classes, December Retirement Event, Plan Year 2014 TexFlex Funds, Qualifying Life Events and Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification Audits

Todd Phillips: Adjusted Performance Evaluation Timeline & OP, ePM

Jeff Deitiker: End of Year Reminders/Deadlines, TEAMApp

Jeff Deitiker: End of Year Reminders/Deadlines PowerPoint Presentation


December 2014

Jodie Billingsley: SumTotal User Interface

Jeff Deitiker: End of Year Reminders/Deadlines

Kara Newcomb: EOPS Pay Codes

Lacey Ellis: Other EOPS Pay Codes

Nedra Goodrich: Student Employee of the Year Competition

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