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Manager's Procedures for Exiting Employees

  1. Submit a Termination ePAF Transaction

    Once you have found out your employee is leaving Texas Tech, a Termination ePAF Transaction must be submited to Human Resources Compensation and Operations to be approved. Be sure to attach the employee's letter of resignation.

  2. Terminate Special Computer Access

    To maintain the confidentiality of the university all managers must terminate special computer access for exiting employees on their final work days. For more information on special computer accesss go to the Human Resources Security Access page under the Position Management section.

  3. E-mail Purchasing

    For employees who have a university Procurement Card, send an e-mail to to make sure the employee's Tech Buy account is inactivated. Also, once you have received the employee's university Procurement Card notify Purchasing in writing or by e-mail and then destroy the card.

  4. Contact Travel Services

    If your employee has conducted business traveling throughout their time at Texas Tech you need to contact Travel Services to ensure there are no outstanding travel vouchers or advances. If there are any outstanding travel vouchers or advances, make sure this is taken care of before your employee exits the university.

  5. Collect University Property

    Any property that was distributed to the employee by the university belonging to Texas Tech needs to be returned and collected by the manager.

  6. Complete Employee Exit Checklist

    Make sure when completing the above tasks to document them on the Employee Exit Checklist. This form is due three business days from the last day of your employee's employment and must be submitted to Human Resources Employee Services Center.


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