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New Employee Checklist

Below you will find information that will assist you as you begin work at Texas Tech. If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at 806-742-3851 or

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Before your first day

  1. Complete all pre-employment screenings
  2. Review a summary of your insurance rates
  3. Complete the New Employee Packet (NEP)
  4. Notify Human Resources of any prior state service and leave balances

During your first week

  1. Meet your Employment Service Coordinator (ESC)
  2. Your department submits an ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form)
  3. Get your Employee 'R' ID
  4. Get your eRaider ID
  5. Log on to the Raiderlink portal
  6. Purchase a parking permit
  7. Complete an authorization form for keys
  8. Register for New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  9. Get information about your paycheck
  10. Sign up for emergency alerts

During your first month

  1. Attend New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  2. Enroll for benefit plans
  3. Take Safety Awareness training
  4. Register for Leadership Training (managers only)
  5. Take Banner training (if required)
  6. Get a picture ID

After your first six months

  1. Have a performance review
  2. Take vacation!
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