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How to Create a New Position or Reclassify an Existing Position


Human Resources provides expertise in evaluating and classifying new and existing positions so that department managers and administrators can make informed decisions for modifying organizational structures.

The creation of a new position or the reclassification (reassignment of a position to a different class or category) is a collaborated effort by Human Resources and the department and requires an analysis of duties, level of responsibilities, minimum required qualifications, and reporting relationship of the position. The new position cannot be made to fit the qualifications of an individual employee (or group of employees), but rather should reflect the duties to be performed.

Be cautious not to make any commitments regarding possible changes to titles and/or salaries before a complete analysis for the recommended changes can be completed. Such commitments constitute a legal commitment for Texas Tech.


  1. Position Description Form

    In order to create a new position or reclassify an existing position you will first complete a Position Description form. This form outlines the minimum qualification requirements for the position and describes the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the position.
  2. New Position/Reclass Form

    Please complete the New Position/Reclass form following the instructions for filling out the New Position/Reclassification request. Attach a Position Description form and organization chart identifying the names and titles of incumbents along with the location of the new position/reclassified position in the department. Route the New Position/Reclassification form through the appropriate approval levels, Department Head and AVP/Dean or Provost/Vice President levels. Forward the completed form to You will receive an e-mail with the final approval, new position number and the effective date of the new position or reclassified position.
  3. Human Resources Compensation & Operations will audit the position taking into consideration:
    • The assigned job duties and responsibilities
    • The knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the duties
    • The degree of judgment required
    • The degree of supervision required
    • The degree of supervision exercised
    • The decision-making responsibility required
    • Special working conditions
    • Special licenses or certifications required
    • Qualification the employee(s) occupying the position(s) or should possess to fill the positions(s) with reasonable prospect of success
    • The relationship of the position(s) to similar position(s) within the University
  4. Human Resources Compensation & Operations will assign an E-class (employee class), category, pay range and position number. Please note that a recommendation by Human Resources does not imply any commitment for additional funds that may be required.

What are Some Exceptions?

Non-State Appropriated Funds

New positions, title changes, reallocations, reclassficiations, special salary increases, promotions, transfers, and demotions will be allowable at grant or contract inception or renewal date through the procedudure outlined above. These salary adjustments have the same limits as other positions, should be comparable with faculty and staff salary adjustments paid from state funds, and require approval of the president.

Special Classification Restrictions

To provide equity, certain titles are restricted by level of administrative office:

Exceptions to this policy will require written justification and approval by the President. Positions currently assigned to the special classifications which do not meet the above criteria may be reclassified when they become vacant.


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