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Exit Interview Process

The use of exit interviews as a tool for gathering information regarding the experience of employees leaving the organization is critical in the development and implementation of recruitment and retention strategies. The exit interview is designed to solicit information from exiting employees about themselves, their department, and management. Additionally, the interview will ask about satisfaction levels with different aspects of the organization that may have influenced their decision to leave. Exit interviews are confidential and will be used by Human Resources to identify trends as to why people are leaving, which may lead to changes in employment practices designed to improve the university's work environment and improve employee retention.

Human Resources has developed a Web-based exit-interview process to be used for all Texas Tech University staff members who leave the university voluntarily. A representative from Human Resources will contact the exiting employee to provide information and the options available for the interview process. Departments that currently conduct department exit interviews are still encourage to do so.

For any questions about the exit interview process, please contact Candice Rice at 742-3851.


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