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Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program

The purpose of the Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program is to support Texas Tech University's mission to recruit and employ exceptional faculty and key administrators by providing resources and support to candidates' spouses/partners in finding career opportunities across campus and in the Lubbock area.

How Does it Work?

If during the search process a candidate discloses information to the committee regarding the need for a partner hire, or the partner hire's needs are generally known during the search, the candidate should be referred to the Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program contact within Human Resources for information and assistance. Support services are provided to a spouse or a partner in a committed relationship without regard to either marital or registered domestic partnership status. The assistance is designed for partners of new hires.

Once an offer is made to the initial hire, the Department Chair, Dean, or appropriate administrator should complete the form and attach a resume or curriculum vitae to request services for the partner of the new hire. Human Resources will review the submission and determine which services will be made available and make the appropriate contacts. Those seeking an academic appointment will work with the Provost's Office and those seeking staff or other local employment will work with Human Resources.

Form: Request for Services from the Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program

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