The Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery


The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University

Mission Statement

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University invests in human capital and strives to assist our students achieve academic success, flourish in their lives of recovery, and succeed in a community of accountability and support.

The center for Collegiate Recovery Communities provides a place that allows recovering students to achieve their educational goals. Students find themselves thriving in a community that is an alcohol and drug-free environment; which further encourages the development of healthy minds, bodies, and spirit.

Our Center has worked industriously to design a Collegiate Recovery Community that provides an environment in which individuals recovering from addictive disorders can find support while achieving a college education. This Community is founded upon tenets that enable students to develop behaviors and skills necessary to flourish in recovery. Clean, Sober & Healthy, Connected in Community, Commitment to Academics and Civility in Relationships are the four core values that comprise our holistic beliefs and upon which we expound.

Through our holistic approach for recovering students, the Collegiate Recovery Community is able to address the concerns and issues associated with the transitions not only into college, but also from active addiction into recovery.

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities embraces the belief in the effectiveness and importance of The Twelve Steps in treating addiction and enhancing the lives of persons in recovery.

Following the guidelines of the Twelve-Step philosophy, the CRC believes that service is crucial to maintaining long-term, quality recovery. The Collegiate Recovery Community is committed to the value and importance of community service.

Our program consists of, in part:

  • 25+ years of research and proven techniques with highly successful outcomes
  • Skilled team members with more than 80 years of collective experience
  • GPA average of 3.0
  • Lubbock community contains a large support system for those in recovery
  • There is no additional cost for this program