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iOMe Retirement Competition Winners

Graduate students and a faculty member, Michael Finke, from the Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning division visited Washington DC to meet with policymakers and members of congress to discuss retirement policy ideas as part of the national iOMe retirement competition.

Texas Tech won the competition earlier this year, which included a cash prize of $10,000 for the four students and a trip to Washington to present their ideas. The students emphasized the importance of improving retirement policy for the millennial generation, who are facing reduced future entitlements and increased responsibility for funding their own retirement.

The students met with Senator Herb Kohl and Dr. Debra Whitman, Staff Director and chair of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, to discuss coming retirement policy initiatives. The team explained their proposal for improved simplicity and retirement defaults to increase savings rates and improved information disclosure to allow employees to make better decisions. One of the teams most unique ideas is a statement that provides employees with an estimate of their expected retirement income based on their current 401(k) savings.

The team also met with Senator John Cornyn, Representative Reid Ribble of Wisconsin and with Representative Randy Neugebauer. Representatives Naugebauer and Ribble were particularly interested in discussing the importance of the current budget debate to the younger generation who face either much higher taxes to fund the growing retiree population or significantly reduced social security and medicare when the millennial generation retires. (click photo for larger version)

iOMe Retirement Competition Winners with Representative Neugebauer

iOMe team with Representative Neugebauer

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