Texas Tech University

Alan Sweitzer Alumni Profile

Alan Sweitzer RHIM Alumni TTURestaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM) alumnus, Alan Sweitzer is an entrepreneur at heart. He has found success as owner and president of Royal Catering, one of the largest catering companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Alongside what he calls a fantastic leadership team and staff, Sweitzer's role is to focus on the company's culture, growth, and development.

"Over the past few years we have grown to a size where I no longer have a specific technical function in the company. My role is working 'on' the business and not so much 'in' the business, which is very rewarding."

Personal goal setting and company visioning have become key to his success.

"I feel that my time at Texas Tech University gave me a foundation for learning that serves my development well. Those I know who are very successful are lifetime learners with humility and know that they must continue to develop their knowledge base and skill set for life."

As a member of the graduating class of 1987, Sweitzer reflects on his time as student in the College of Human Sciences' RHIM department.

"The smaller program size combined with the outgoing personalities of my student peers made for a very fun and cohesive environment. You know—hospitality people."

He also recalls Lynn Huffman, Ph.D. took a personal interest in his degree plan, helping him get into the classes he needed to graduate on time.

"I don't know if this level of involvement is typical in the larger colleges but it was much appreciated."

Although Sweitzer has many fond memories of the RHIM program, he was originally in the College of Business. After spending a summer working at a Marriot Hotel he fell in love with the hospitality industry and decided to change his major.

"At that time, a number of people questioned why I would do that saying that I would have better potential staying in business, but I am so glad I did not listen to them because going into hospitality turned out to be one of the very best decisions of my life."

With hindsight on what led to his current position, he gives this advice to students and young alumni.

"Find something that you truly love to do, work hard at becoming great at it and it won't even feel like work. Do not focus too much on the money, especially at first. If you are doing great work that you love the money will find you."