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Boontharick Spontammarak

Boontharick is from Lubbock, Texas, and majors in Nutritional Sciences on the Pre-Professional Health track. Her minors are Forensic Sciences, Chemistry and Biology. Boontharick's favorite part about being an Ambassador is the opportunity to talk about her amazing experiences and wonderful opportunities that she has experienced at Texas Tech to further interest future students and their parents. In addition, she has learned a lot throughout the past three years and enjoys giving advice and guidance to incoming students on how they can make the best out of their four years in college. Knowing that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine, Boontharick chose to go to Texas Tech University because it is one of the best schools to study medicine, with a beautiful campus and even friendlier people. Another reason is because she wanted to stay close to home because her family is close. Boontharick chose to study nutrition with pre-health track because she is passionate about food and nutrition, which is another aspect of medicine that has a significant impact on our health and is often overlooked. Therefore, she believes that having a background in basic science, as well as nutrition and its relationship to medicine, will help me in her future career as a doctor.

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Boontharick Sopontammarak