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Associate Dean, Academics and Faculty Development Texas Tech University College of Human Sciences | Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University invites nominations, inquiries and applications for the role of Associate Dean for Academics and Faculty Development in the College of Human Sciences.

The selected Chair will discover a challenging and rewarding opportunity to help advance the department to achieve its long-term objective to become one of the premier hospitality and retail management programs in the United States.

Position Overview

The Associate Dean for Academics and Faculty Development reports to the Dean of the College of Human Sciences and provides leadership and administration to faculty of the College in accordance to its guidelines, University policy and/or government regulations. The position is a half-time appointment in the Office of the Dean with the remaining 50% of the appointment served as a faculty member in one of the academic departments within the College (i.e., Nutritional Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies, Department of Design, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community, Family and Addiction Sciences,  Hospitality and Retail Management, and Personal Financial Planning), and will involve teaching, research and service activities commensurate with their half-time departmental appointment. 

More Information and Selection Criteria

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