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Covenant BodyMind Initiative to Community Advocacy Project for Students:

A Time of Transition

Thank you for visiting our web page! The Covenant BodyMind Initiative (CBMI) began in 2008 as a 10-year initiative/partnership between Texas Tech University, the Center for Adolescent Resiliency, and Covenant Health Systems. We collaborated to develop and implement a comprehensive childhood health and wellness intervention in Lubbock and the wider Covenant service area.

During the past decade, CBMI program delivery has grown from two Lubbock schools to 83 locations across Lubbock and the surrounding South Plains counties as well as across the state and nation. The CBMI curricula (Comprehensive Wellness 1 and Comprehensive Wellness 2) are Texas Education Agency-approved as innovative courses available to secondary students in Texas -- the first for-credit wellness courses in Texas schools.

As part of its focus on comprehensive wellness education, CBMI focuses on developing and improving resilience, promoting and empowering self-care, and the importance of engaged adult support for healthy youth development. The latter led the CBMI team to identify a critical need in the public schools that was not being met but was well within the team's capacity and desire to help.

Students transitioning from alternative education settings back to their home campuses were not as prepared for a successful return to school as anticipated. One middle school student in particular stood out to us: He wanted to do better but did not have the necessary skills to make the changes needed for success. We started meeting with this student weekly at either the alternative education site or his home school, using the CBMI curriculum to work with him on life skills. In short, we became this student's advocate. The schools saw the difference it was making for the student and appreciated our help.

Because of our experience with this student (and others like him) and, with the endorsement of Texas Tech University and Covenant Health, we are transitioning to advocacy as our full time focus. Because Covenant supports the need for advocacy and helping our youth at risk, we were awarded a grant for the 2018-2019 school year. The Community Advocacy Project for Students (CAPS) is now a reality.

We continue to follow the mission of The Center for Adolescent Resiliency to enrich youth through a comprehensive approach to wellness and leadership integrating healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy behaviors. The Comprehensive Wellness curricula is still available and widely used. If you were directed to this website looking for information on wellness programs and curricula, please contact Linn Walker at linn.walker@ttu.edu. The website address will now be www.depts.ttu.edu/hs/car/caps.

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