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Advanced parliamentary procedure

Concludes the two tape series which began with Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure. Includes take from the table, reconsider, rescind, leave to withdraw, parliamentary inquiry, open and close nominations, division of the assembly, and adjourn. The purpose, pertinent facts, and an example of each motion are provided, plus a quiz for study and discussion. (1997 – 23 min.)

No. 2319 DVD — $95.00


The American House: A Guide to Architectural Styles

Lets popular architectural styles “tell their stories” and explain why they remain popular today. Includes Tudor, Neo-Classic, Victorian, Prairie, Colonial Revival, Contemporary, and Post-modern. (2006 – 14 min.) *

No. 5141 DVD — $99.00




Attachment is the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships. Follow the journey of a baby’s phases of attachment from birth to age two. Study founding theorists John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, and see examples of how parents and caregivers can foster healthy attachment relationships. Attentive, responsive, and loving care given by a baby’s primary caregiver sets the foundation for a child’s capacity to form these relationships throughout life. (2010 – 28 min.)*

No. 5011 DVD — $99.00


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From the origins of money and banking, through the basics of checking, savings, and lending, viewers learn about the core functions of a bank, and how these fundamentals affect their daily lives. Learn how to match a savings account to your needs, why “bouncing” a check is a crime, why “overdraft protection” might not be such a great deal, how to avoid paying needless fees, how computer, digital images, and new banking laws impact your spending habits, how to write and endorse a check to protect yourself from fraud, and how to use ATMs and safe deposit boxes. (2006 – 25 min.)*

No. 5291 DVD — $99.00

Basics of Credit

The concept of credit can be summed up in four words-buy now, pay later. However, credit is much more complicated. This program takes a close look at the basics of credit including, credit card features, how the credit process works, the cost of credit, and how to read a credit card statement.
(2008 – 37 min.)

No. 8003 DVD — $125.00



Beginnings of Life:
From Conception to Baby

Viewers learn about fertilization and how chromosomes determine the gender and physical attributes of a baby. See how a single cell develops into an embryo and follow the rapidly changing stages of fetal development. Learn about the importance of prenatal care, nutrition, and a healthy prenatal environment. (2011 – 30 min.)*

No. 5006 DVD — $139.00


Beginnings of Life: Heredity and Environment

Learn about the structures and chemistry of DNA molecules. Students see how genes are passed from parents to offspring and how they determine the traits of an individual. Discover how environmental factors, inside or outside of the womb, can affect a child’s health later in life. Learn about genetic disorders and how counseling and screening can provide health information before or during pregnancy. (2011 – 38 min.)*

No. 5005 DVD — $139.00



Beginnings of Life: Newborn Development

Learn how professionals use the Apgar test to assess a newborn’s health and the significance of the first interaction between parent and newborn. Follow the many physical, cognitive, and social changes that newborns experience on their journey through early infancy. Learn how to provide the best possible care for a newborn. (2011 – 42 min.)*

No. 5008 DVD — $139.00

Beginnings of Life: Pregnancy in Progress

Viewers will learn the early signs of pregnancy and the host of changes women will experience during their 9 month adventure. Common prenatal tests and what they can reveal about a baby’s development, possible causes of infertility in women and men, as well as common treatment options are discussed. Become familiar with guidelines for healthy prenatal care and making important birth choices. (2011 – 33 min.)*

No. 5350 DVD — $139.00

Beginnings of Life: Understanding Childbirth

This program explores approaches to childbirth, including different methods and environments, as well as what to consider when creating a birth plan. Learn about contractions, how to discern true labor from false labor, the three stages of labor, and the appropriate time to call a medical professional. See what to expect during a traditional delivery or a Cesarean section. (2011 – 32 min.)*

No. 5351 DVD — $139.00


BODY LANGUAGE II: Reading People

Is it possible to read people’s thoughts and feelings just by looking at them? This program provides valuable information about interpreting body language by presenting fun, easy to understand and real life examples. If your students apply this information and do some intelligent people watching, they will see a whole new world of communication they may never have noticed. (2008 – 25 min.)*

No. 5219 DVD — $99.00


Highlights how trauma and threat adversely affect the developing brain. Research shows that trauma can activate various systems in the brain that change neuron response and cognitive pathways. Children that experience on-going high levels of arousal due to trauma will develop systems in their brains that cause them to be constantly hyper-aroused and
hyper-vigilant. These changes can result in severe problems in learning ability, mood, bonding and attachment, and in problem -solving. Gives suggestions for avoiding and dealing with damage to the brain. (2002 – 29 min.)

No. 7503 DVD — $99.00







Watch as Rachel, a college student, gets a “financial makeover” and learns the value of preparing a budget and sticking to a spending plan. Learn how debt, taxes, everyday expenses, and unexpected bills can drain your bank account without a plan in place. (2008 – 18 min.)*

No. 5228 DVD — $99.00

Building the Right Wardrobe

Every outfit sends a message. This video shows how to send the right one at the appropriate time—without breaking the budget. Topics include the functional and social characteristics of clothes; the concepts of style and fashion; planning a wardrobe that accommodates work, school, and leisure; and shopping for value and price. (2010 – 19 min.)

No. F307 DVD — $99.95


business Etiquette

Demonstrates professional conduct during typical business scenarios; covers details from how to dress, responding to difficult questions, and the effect of body language on communication. Briefly discusses resumés and interviews. Includes a study guide and a supplement. (2001 – 33 min.)

No. 2666 DVD — $99.00


When you buy a T-shirt, a car, or a cup of coffee, you send messages to a complex web of people all over the world. The marketplace of buying and selling is far more than a convenient way to get the stuff we crave-it shapes personal freedom and drives material progress. Learn the answers to who is behind the remarkable system that supplies shirts, as well as food, shelter, and most other desires of daily life, along with what drives countless strangers to serve your needs and wants. (2008 – 24 min.)*

No. 5317 DVD — $99.00



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Explore the role of carbohydrates in your daily diet. Learn about glucose, insulin, diabetes,
and the glycemic index. What is a
carbohydrate? Does it make you fat? Why do people on a diet avoid it? What is the main problem with carbs in the typical diet? (2009 – 21 min.)*

No. 5285 DVD — $99.00


Observe interviews with a variety of high -energy, engaging professionals who work with children. Interviewees include a child librarian, a dance instructor, a nursery school director, a public health nurse, a family child care provider, a pediatrician, and others. (2008 – 21 min.)

No. 9322 DVD — $79.95


Interviews of fashion industry personnel, such as textile designer, technical designer,
technical illustrator, buyers, marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Includes a worksheet.
(2005 – 20 min.)

No. 9379 DVD — $79.95



Presents a variety of career opportunities for both males and females. Interviews people in dietetics, food and nutrition, interior design and fashion, child development, and more. Educational, personal, and professional requirements are discussed. Teaching
materials included. (2002 – 21 min.)

No. 9115 DVD — $79.95


Watch Chef Andrew Zimmern interview industry professionals in the areas of full-service catering and private chefs.
(2004 – 13 min.)

No. 9323 DVD — $79.95


Glimpse into the careers of interior designers who are enjoying exciting and creative jobs. Listen to people who have successful careers in residential and commercial design, “green” design, lighting design, sales, interior design education, and design animation.
(2005 – 17 min.)

No. 9378 DVD — $79.95



Presents engaging interviews with a sports nutritionist for professional athletic teams, a public health nutritionist, a famous food entrepreneur. Learn about a variety of careers from a nutrition consultant, public relations specialist, registered dietitian, food scientist, food stylist, and other food – related professionals. (2006 – 22 min.)

No. 9317 DVD — $79.95

Careers to Consider: The Hospitality Industry

This program illustrates the exciting opportunities offered by the hospitality industry and shows how job-seekers with almost any skill set or educational background can find success in the field. Viewers are introduced to three main areas of expertise—hotel management, culinary arts, and tourism—with detailed explanations of important jobs in each. (2008 – 23 min.)

No. F431 DVD — $99.95


Cash, Credit, and Your Future

What are your students looking forward to? More education? A great job? A cool car? Dreams are free but achieving them takes good planning, hard work, and money. Get a head start, learn how to manage money, understand paychecks, and the basics of credit and debit cards. Two teen viewers watch a financial awards show and learn the right way to manage their money. (2009 – 23 min.)

No. 9483 DVD — $79.95

Chemical Processes in Food Science

This presentation explains the “science” involved in cooking and food preparation. The fermentation process, caramelization, leavening, gelatinization, retrogradation and syneresis are explored, as well as discussing the role starch plays in the cooking process. (2011 – 35 min.)

No. 2189 DVD — $115.00


Teens tour a child care center and observe
infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners and their physical, intellectual, and social growth. Gives examples also of solitary, parallel, cooperative, and pretend play. Includes video worksheets.
(2005 – 15 min.)

No. 9336 DVD — $49.95

Child Development Theorists – Freud to Erikson to Spock …and beyond

Beginning with Sigmund Freud, modern child development theories have changed the way parents raise their children and the way teachers teach those children. This DVD is an entertaining and enlightening view of the major child development theorists, how the theories differ, and how more than one approach can be beneficial. Historical footage and photos are combined with candid documentary footage from child care centers in this informative video.

(2009 – 21 min.)

No. 9494 DVD — $79.95

Child’s Mind: How Kids Learn Right and Wrong

Explore the topic of moral development and how it impacts children’s behavior. Examine the approaches of development theorists and learn about Theory of Mind. Hear children’s reactions to situations that challenge their morals. Expert interviews help explain how and why children develop as they do as well as stress why fostering moral development is crucial. (2011 – 34 min.)*

No. 5346 DVD — $109.00



Children make no distinction between play and work. Play is how children try out roles and test limits and how they develop basic physical and mental skills. Play is fun and free, yet it is the engine that drives child development. (2004 – 23 min.)*

No. 5904 DVD — $99.00

Closer Look at Nutrition: Metabolism & Energy

Students will learn what roles metabolism and energy play in maintaining good health. The presentation explores the components of metabolism, including anabolism and catabolism, and examines latent heat in phase changes. The relationship between energy and carbohydrates is also discussed, as is basal metabolic rate and the factors which influence it. (2011 - 19 min.)

No. 2182 DVD — $115.00



Watch step-by-step instructions on sorting, washing and drying clothes. Learn basic techniques for stain removal, and see how to interpret care labels on garments. See how detergents clean by “making water wetter” and how a dry cleaner is not really dry at all! (2007 – 25 min.)*

No. 5169 DVD — $99.00

Clothing Fibers

A Clothing & Textiles 101 overview of the elements of fabric, this curriculum-based program introduces students to the basic differences between natural and synthetic fibers, the primary types of fibers, and how their qualities - from shape and origin to size and luster - make them unique, influence clothing appearance and factor into comfort. Learn why fiber properties determine how we use particular fabrics. Get a close-up view and understanding of cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, acrylic, nylon, and polyester. Learn to identify them all. (2008 – 25 min.)*

No. 5142 DVD — $99.00


Color is critical in consumer education, literature, art, interior design, fashion, and life itself. Presentation is about the psychology and theory of color. Learn how color reflects emotions, how it affects our preferences in food, how corporations use color for their identities, and how color is used in cultural, ethnic, and religious symbols.

(2006 – 23 min.)*

No. 5150 DVD — $99.00

Common Childhood Illnesses: Diagnosis and Treatment

At some point in their young lives, children will probably come down with a cold, a stomach upset, an earache, pinkeye, or the flu. Drawing upon the knowledge and insights of two pediatricians, a pediatric nurse, and parents with a lot of hands-on experience, this program will show viewers how to identify and deal with those common childhood illnesses—and reduce the likelihood of future reinfection too. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online at <>. (2008 – 29 min.)

No. F515 DVD — $99.95


Communicating between cultures

Shows how to improve communication in a series of cross-cultural situations involving language, customs, foods, and housing. Explains that assumptions may lead to communication breakdowns causing embarrassment, frustration, and discrimination. Suitable for mature students. (2004 – 23 min.) *

No. 5704 DVD — $99.00


Teaches skills to deal with people – as – customers. Explains the importance of making a connection with customers, the value of listening and taking a real interest in customers, how tone of voice and body language influence job performance, how to avoid making negative comments about customers, how to handle miscommunications and phrase helpful responses. Gives a five step process to use with angry customers. (2005 – 15 min.)*

No. 5287 DVD — $99.00

Communication in a Wired World: Be Smart, Be Safe

Online and mobile technologies profoundly influence how we read and write, learn and work. Explore skills for communicating smartly across many digital technologies; how multitasking affects learning and work; and how online posts can become skeletons in a digital closet causing school expulsions, destroying college admissions, and blowing job offers. Discover how to protect your privacy, reputation, and personal information. (2009 – 20 min.)*

No. 5324 DVD — $99.00


Hear from Lisa Golden Schroeder, a food stylist, cookbook author and teacher, as she provides an insight into the career of a food stylist. Learn what education is helpful in becoming a food stylist, the salary range for the career, the long-term outlook, and highs and lows of the job. (2008 – 18 min.)

No. 9470 DVD — $79.95


Get a glimpse into the life of an event planner as Dean Marie Modica, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solera Restaurant and Event Center, discusses the profession. Learn what education is helpful, the salary range for the career, the long-term outlook, and highs and lows of the job. (2008 – 15 min.)

No. 9471 DVD — $79.95

Cotton Production

Includes tours of a cotton gin, where raw cotton is processed and a denim mill, where rolls of cotton denim are produced. A good prelude to the Field Trip: Levi Strauss DVD. Includes a study guide, supplement and quizzes. (2000 – 41 min.)

No. 2545 DVD — $85.00


Get an inside look at “cracking the advertising code.” Learn to recognize commonly used advertising ploys such as celebrity endorsement, customer testimony, emotional appeal, unproven claims and more in order to make smart, informed buying decisions. (2006 – 20 min.)

No. 9405 DVD — $49.95

Credit and Loans

Use this presentation to provide students with the knowledge they will need to use credit and loans responsibly. This program looks closely at the credit rights of consumers, credit histories, reports and bureaus, debt, types of loans, the loan process, and the cost of loans. (2008 – 35 min.)

No. 8005 DVD — $125.00

Child development videos: Learning Seed; each includes study guide


Demonstrates the milestones of one of child development’s most confusing and exciting years. Describes characteristics; physical, social, and emotional development; cognitive abilities; language skills. Explains the need for routine, and makes suggestions for toilet training. (2005 – 22 min.)*

No. 5286 DVD — $99.00


Five & Six-Year-Olds

Explores how a group of five and six-year-olds use multiple intelligences as they struggle to learn the idea of fair play and following rules, learn to count, distinguish between real and make-believe, and manipulate objects.
(2002 – 21 min.)*

No. 5102 DVD — $99.00

Communication Essentials


Listening Essentials

This program enables students to improve their listening skills and absorb valuable information. The video identifies the best methods for giving coworkers the attention they deserve and provides eight simple tips that viewers can use to sharpen concentration. These include learning to focus, taking proper notes, putting emotions on hold, avoiding biases and stereotypes, finding a point of interest in a dull but important conversation, and more. (2010 – 22 min.)

No. F422 DVD — $99.95


Reading Essentials

This program provides students with simple methods for tackling an immense volume of content to manage workplace reading tasks quickly and efficiently without overlooking important information. Featured tips show viewers how to stay focused, prioritize reading matter, and create a comfortable reading environment—while making the best use of tables of contents, indexes, sub-headings, and more. (2010 – 20 min.)

No. F425 DVD — $99.95

Speaking Essentials

Statistics suggest that many people dread public speaking more than they fear death. This program shows students ways to overcome that kind of paralysis and transform it into positive energy. Learn more thorough preparation (from learning the wants and needs of the audience to scoping out the location at which the speech will take place) as well as starting with a strong opener, finding the right pace, using nonverbal communication, and more. (2010 – 25 min.)

No. F423 DVD — $99.95


Writing Essentials

This program shows how effective written communication is possible for anyone, even those who struggle to complete a simple fax or e-mail. Methods for improvement include gauging the needs of the reader, keeping prose short and simple, emphasizing benefits, avoiding jargon and overblown language, employing a confident yet respectful tone, and more. (2010 – 23 min.)

No. F424 DVD — $99.95


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Dairy Science

This program discusses milk processing and further describes what occurs during pasteurization, homogenization and vitamin fortification. Additionally, the production explains the components of milk and the differences between fluid milk products, such as whole, low-fat and skim milk, as well as dried, evaporated and condensed milk and creams available. Factors and characteristics of creams and foams, along with a description of fermented milk products, such as yogurts and cheeses, are also discussed. (2011 – 30 min.)

No. 2195 DVD — $115.00



To study color, students have to see examples of the use of color. Interior designer shows current interior and fashion uses of color. Includes information about Color Marketing Group, the history and theories of color, and many examples of color systems and schemes. Includes teaching materials.

(2010 – 20 min.)

No. 9528 DVD — $79.95

Design: All About Textiles

The human body is almost constantly in contact with some form of textile, whether it be the clothing that we wear or the interiors that we live and work in. Join interior designer Brandi Hagen as she showcases samples and explains different types of natural fibers including plant, animal, mineral, and synthetic fibers. Fabric construction and surface design are also discussed. (2010 – 24 min.)

No. 9006 — DVD $79.95



View a basic overview of the elements of design applied to interiors and fashion. Full of current, colorful examples of line, shape, texture, and color. Includes teaching materials. (2010 – 21 min.)

No. 9529 DVD — 79.95


design ii: the principles

Takes students on a whirlwind tour of the natural world, fashion, ancient times, childhood, interiors, and exteriors for a thorough grounding in the principles of design.

(2006 – 23 min.)

No. 9224 DVD — $79.95


Digestion and Nutrition

This program examines the chemical structure of food and the human body’s ability to convert food into fuel and raw materials. Major and minor nutrients are defined, catabolism and anabolism are contrasted, and the function of the digestive tract at the cellular level is scrutinized. The sequence of physical and chemical processes that facilitate digestion is also illustrated, spotlighting each constituent anatomical system: mouth/esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. A segment on healthier eating concludes the program. (2009 – 22 min.)

No. F511 DVD — $99.95


Digital Footprint: Watch Where You Step

Your digital footprint is the data trace left by your activity in a digital environment, whether on the Internet, buying something with a credit card, or using a mobile phone. Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away – it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately impact your life. (2010 – 20 min.)

No. 9005 DVD — $79.95



Explore and identify strategies for positively guiding and disciplining children on a daily basis. Learn the three primary styles of discipline utilized by parents and caregivers– permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian and the advantages and disadvantages of each. (2007 – 20 min.)

No. 2115 DVD — $89.00



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Emphasizes the effects of early nutrition on growth and development, and explores distinct nutritional needs of young children during four stages covering birth through age six. Children, parents, and caregivers illustrate ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into daily living. Includes a study guide and a supplement. (2000 – 27 min.)

No. 2779 DVD — $115.00


The newest version of the food pyramid emphasizes the importance of physical activity and eating nutrient dense foods. See how to include good fats, lower the added sugar, include low or no fat dairy products, and add whole grains. Learn how to read labels to get the desired nutrients. (2006 – 21 min.)*

No. 5290 DVD — $99.00

the entrepreneur

Features nine successful entrepreneurs who share their stories about small business ownership as well as their recommendations and personal experiences. Includes a study guide and a supplement. (2000 – 32 min.)

No. 2622 DVD — $95.00


Engaging Resumesand Cover Letters: How to Hook the Job You Want

Hear job seekers and hiring managers discuss how they view and judge resumes and cover letters. Learn how to make a resume stand out in a professional manner and how to present skills creatively. Discover how to edit a resume and craft a cover letter for the specific job you’re seeking. (2011 – 26 min.)*

No. 5147 DVD — $109.00



Eavesdrop on a telephone hotline as distressed callers query the experts on proper table manners. Topics include napkins, table settings, continental and American style, left handed eating, posture, talking with a full mouth, leaving the table, dress code, splitting portions, passing food, taking food home, removing unwanted food, dropped silverware, grooming, tips, and other important items.
(2004 – 23 min.)*

No. 5091 DVD — $99.00


Viewers learn how to create visual rhythm, how to use patterns and repeating motifs in a design, how to create designs that provide focal points, how basic shapes (squares, circles, triangles) send differing emotional messages, and how to achieve visual balance and the difference between symmetry and informal balance. Also points out the importance of scale, proportion, and the Golden Mean. Suggested for Interior Design courses. (2006 – 22 min.)*

No. 5143 DVD — $99.00


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Industry overview of factors that affect apparel design, production, and sales. Topics include international economics, safe working environments, laws protecting the environment, and technological advancements. (2003 – 19 min.)

No. 2166 DVD — $89.00

Fast Food Nutrition

Fast food often gets a bad rap. High amounts of saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and calories, and a lack of fruits and vegetables make most fast food choices not the best in terms of nutrition. Join two teen fast food servers as they explore the world of fast food with fun and humor as they help viewers learn how to make the healthiest choices when eating on the go at fast food restaurants. (2009 – 17 min.)

No. 9499 DVD — $79.95


Watch men as they interact with their children. Learn that dads matter in the lives of their children. Advice includes – stay involved in all ages and stages of a child’s life, provide structure and discipline, model healthy behavior for the child. Includes teaching materials. (2009 – 20 min.)

No. 9509 DVD — $79.95


We often think of fat as harmful, but it is actually very important to the body. It is equally important to learn the effects of fats on the body in order to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Discover the importance of lipids to good nutrition, the differences between various kinds of fat, and how fats relate to vitamins, hormones, energy, and our nervous system. Understand the consequences of consuming certain foods, and how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. (2009 – 22 min.)*

No. 5156 DVD — $99.00




Understand how the six classic principles of design apply to clothes and develop a personal style that highlights your best features. Learn how the body’s shape or silhouette controls what others see, how to use the power of lines to emphasize height, conceal weight, and create illusions. See how to use color to attract attention or minimize size and how to create pleasing proportions to avoid the clumsy “half and half” look. (2007 – 20 min.)*

No. 5130 DVD — $99.00


Do you know what maltodextrin is? No, it’s not the winning word from the national spelling bee. It is probably in your corn flakes. Should you eat something that you cannot pronounce? From the history behind preserving foods to new concepts in enriching foods, this program presents examples of the many additives that are used to flavor, color, and preserve so much of what we eat. Food Additives takes a simple, factual look at the everyday trade-offs we make when we choose our food. (2008 – 24 min.)*

No. 5206 DVD — $99.00

food and fire: the science (and magic) of cooking

Cooking is a craft, an art, and an applied science. The program teaches the basics of heat and temperature. Great for supporting science objectives. (2004 – 22 min.)*

No. 5504 DVD — $99.00



Experts estimate food borne illness accounts for over 300,000 hospital admissions yearly. Learn how to handle food safely and prevent illness and how to keep dangerous bacteria from growing into a health hazard. Presentation emphasizes the “why” of food handling instead of a series of rules. (2007 – 25 min.)*

No. 5180 DVD — $99.00

Food Service Equipment and Tools

Commercial kitchens are not just bigger than your kitchen at home; they have tools, utensils, and appliances you may never have seen before. Professional chefs Tim Cockram, Dave Christopherson, and Jason Hudock go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the tools of the trade in a professional foodservice kitchen. They describe each item in the kitchen and its use, from knives, pots and pans up to steamtables and the walk-in freezer. (2009 – 18 min.)

No. 9498 DVD — $79.95

fundamental restaurant etiquette

Depicts proper procedures for choosing a restaurant, being seated, ordering food, tipping, and other rules. Provides a common sense approach to various situations which may arise in a restaurant. Includes a study guide. (2000 – 25 min.)

No. 2588 DVD — $115.00


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Discover common misconceptions about micro-organisms and learn which to fear, which to welcome, and how to protect yourself. Learn the best way to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from infecting you; how bacteria differ from viruses; how and why to wash your hands; why anti-bacterial soaps and lotions might promote the growth of bacteria; how to use a public washroom and protect yourself against pathogens; how to keep food safe, and how to avoid the common cold. (2006 – 21 min.)*

No. 5298 DVD — $99.00


Learn how you can help to sustain the world’s resources by making a few changes at home. Watch as a group of teenagers explain ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle products to create a healthier lifestyle and environment. (2008 – 20 min.)

No. 9466 DVD — $79.95




Excellent for child development or parenting classes. Learn how babies spend months learning to adjust their biological clocks, why babies sleep most of the time, why they sleep anytime, anywhere, and how much sleep kids need to stay healthy. Explains REM sleep, problems caused by the lack of sleep, the role of naps in child development, how parents can establish bedtime routines to develop sound sleep habits. Safe sleeping positions and the changes in teenage sleeping patterns are also addressed. (2006 – 22 min.)*

No. 5300 DVD — $99.00



Teachers describe the concept of positive guidance. Covers factors to consider when deciding how to deal with children’s
challenging behavior. (2002 – 29 min.)

No. 7100 DVD — $99.00


Guidance & discipline:


Explores how teachers think about guidance and discipline and influences affecting determination of behavior as acceptable or challenging. Teachers also discuss importance of teamwork and staff support in helping them deal with more prevalent challenging behavior. (2002 – 29 min.)

No. 7099 DVD — $99.00


Guiding Behavior in Young Children

Despite their best moments, toddlers and preschoolers often behave in ways that frustrate their parents and caregivers, and even endanger their own safety. Learn why misbehavior occurs, common reactions by caregivers, ways to stop it, and how to create and enforce a plan to bring about desired behavior. (2011 – 30 min.)*

No. 5349 DVD — $109.00


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Haccp: a basic understanding

Provides basic information concerning Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), a system of process controls required by government for most foodservice areas. Includes a study guide and a supplement. (1997 – 32 min.)

No. 2681 DVD — $89.00


Hear from identity theft victims. From corporate data theft to shoulder surfing to skimming to dumpster diving, see the most common ways thieves steal your identity. Law enforcement and consumer groups explain how to protect yourself. Learn how to safely manage your e-mail and Internet activity. (2007 – 28 min.)*

No. 5304 DVD — $99.00

Herbs and Spices

The essence of the world’s cuisines is based on indigenous ingredients and flavorings. Most important are the herbs and spices, which give the cuisines their personalities. Learn to use these tasty elements to take your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary. Cookbook author Paulette Mitchell explains how to cook with herbs and spices as she shows you how to make Herb-Roasted Vegetables, Caprese Salad, Basil Pesto and Pesto Butter – delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that are packed with flavor.
(2009 – 18 min.)

No. 9502 DVD — $79.95


How Clothing Is Made: a garment industry field trip

Tour a design and manufacturing company, and follow the production steps of selecting fabrics, sketching designs, cutting patterns, using digital equipment to size and lay out patterns, cutting fabric using laser technology, and assembling fabrics for a final product. Examine how the cost of garments is determined. (2004 – 18 min.)*

No. 5127 DVD — $99.00


Explore whether we use our hearts or minds to make decisions. Learn about heuristics, the mental “shortcuts” we all use to make decisions easier, and how consumers use them to make marketplace decisions. Advertisers simply need to understand some things about our decision making to convince us to buy their product. Recognize the hidden persuaders creeping into our minds and shaping our desires. (2007 – 21 min.)*

No. 5305 DVD — $99.00


Help students develop portion awareness so they can replace “super size it” with “intelli-size-it.” Answer questions, such as What is a reasonable portion for common foods? How does psychology influence how much you eat? How do food labels mislead about calories? Learn how to make educated guesses about serving sizes. (2007 – 22min.)*

No. 5310 DVD — $99.00


How People Are Paid

This brand new DVD offers a fresh look at the world of paychecks, deductions, and benefits. Students learn about federal withholding, how it’s calculated, and how it affects their take-home pay. Learn about the many ways that pay is calculated - from hourly to salary commission and tips and how FICA deductions are taken and funds the benefits provided by Social Security. An important overview of key employment laws governing wages is given. (2009 – 27 min.)*

No. 5170 DVD — $99.00



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Explore ways to make realistic, effective improvements in your self-esteem. Take a self-assessment inventory and investigate sources of self-esteem. Listen as students and professionals share insight into the power of positive self-esteem and offer healthy ways to optimize self-worth. (2007 – 20 min.)

No. 2933 DVD — $95.00

Infants: Cognitive Development

Examine how newborns fit into the sensor:motor stage - tracing cognitive development from simple reflexes to beginnings of thought. Explore infant intelligence, information processing, and memory. See the progression of infant communication from crying--to giggling--to euphoric babbling and their first words! Understand how language is learned and how caregivers can use infant-directed speech to foster cognitive development.

(2010 - 28 min.)

No. 5010 DVD — $99.00

Infants: Physical Development

Learn how a baby’s brain develops and what activities help stimulate healthy brain growth. Also learn the importance of proper nutrition and sleep during the first year. See how infants rely on their innate reflexes and how gross and fine motor skills emerge in typically developing children as well as those with challenging conditions. (2010 - 30 min.)

No. 5009 DVD — $99.00




Infants: Social and Emotional Development

Examine the different stages of emotional development, and learn how children form attachments with people. Observe how personality and temperament affect an infant’s social and emotional growth and how caregivers handle various situations. (2010 - 23 min.)

No. 5012 DVD — $99.00

Interior design: the basics!

Shows how to develop a design concept by defining personal style, who is using the room, and the room’s function. Displays examples of decorating styles. Explains how quarter inch scale drawings can save money and time, and gives examples of lighting, accessories, color, and fabric selection to create the desired environment. (2006 – 21 min.)

No. 9225 DVD — $79.95


Interior Design Project: Furniture Styles

Join award-winning principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design on a tour of furniture showrooms to discover the distinguishing characteristics of furniture and decorating styles. Brandi gives viewers insight into the furnishings and finishes of eleven different styles, including: Traditional,Victorian Era, Mission, Art Deco/Nouveau, Retro Style, African Influence, Asian Influence, Southwestern, Shabby Chic, Country, and Contemporary. (2009 – 20 min.)

No. 9510 DVD — $79.95




Interior Design Project: Green Design

Join principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design as she shares the components of green interior design. Explore green furnishings that not only create beautiful spaces but also take an extra consideration for environmental impact. Discover “green” options as Brandi shows examples of environmentally friendly design options, such as VOC-free paints, organic fabrics, and energy efficient appliances. (2009 – 21 min.)

No. 9512 DVD — $79.95


Interior Design Project: Step by Step Bathroom Remodel

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Brandi Hagen, the award winning Principal Designer of Eminent Interior Design, gives the audience insight into the process, pitfalls, and professional touches involved in designing an amazing master bathroom. From studio to showroom to a final tour, Brandi focuses on client service and gives students a glimpse at interior design career opportunities. (2009 – 21 min.)

No. 9490 DVD — $79.95


See how the direction, quality, and intensity of light are the keys to learning the basics of Lighting 101. Students will learn how well planned lighting can bring a room to life, and thoughtless lighting can kill even the most creative interiors. Light has the power to influence emotions, so lighting for a house is part technology and part psychology. Discover how simply altering a light source can make people feel better about a room or task. (2008 – 22 min.)*

No. 5124 DVD — $99.00


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Viewers will see children from toddlers through puberty illustrate just how fun or frustrating playing sports can be. Watch as physical, social and emotional development follow a sequence that adults cannot speed up. See how skills in sports progress from birth through puberty and marvel at the intellectual side of sports – from score keeping to game strategizing. This program guides viewers through the dangers of the over-scheduled, over-pressured, over-trained child. (2008 – 25 min.)*

No. 5315 DVD — $99.00


Do you know the difference between a large dice and a small dice? What is the difference between broiling and boiling? Watch as professional chef Dave Christopherson demonstrates a variety of food preparation techniques and kitchen basics including hand washing, knife cuts, measuring, and basic cooking techniques. Includes teaching materials. (2010 – 44 min.)

No. 9521 DVD — $49.95



Teens follow a comedian around the kitchen as he narrowly averts impending disasters while preparing them breakfast. Short vignettes on knife safety, burns, broken glass, and ways to prevent and respond to kitchen safety issues are presented. The students demonstrate equipment usage and personal safety. Appropriate for beginning students. (2005 – 8 min.)

No. 9390 DVD — $49.95




Explore the eight widely recognized consumer rights – from the right to safety to the right to education, to the right to redress, to the right to a healthy environment, to the right to have basic needs met. Learn how federal and state laws protect these rights and how different agencies create and enforce these and other regulations. (2010 – 29 min.)*

No. 5201 DVD — $99.00


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Presents a real-world look at catering and specialized food production operations through a large, black-tie hotel banquet event. Coverage includes technology, equipment and utensils, cost-control, and client identification; shows several departments and positions. Includes a supplement.

(2003 – 25 min.)

No. 2685 DVD — $115.00



Life Skills for the teen parent

Demonstrates how young parents can improve their own self-esteem and help others do the same. Several helpful comments from experts and from school-age parents are featured. Coordinates with Successful Parenting for School-Age Parents Reference Book (page 6). Includes a study guide and a supplement. (2000 – 24 min.)*

No. 2594 DVD — $95.00




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managing multiple roles

Addresses effective management of a variety of roles, such as caregiver, employee, spouse, parent, and/or student. The importance of goal setting, values, standards, and differentiating between wants and needs is stressed. Includes a study guide and a supplement.
(2000 – 24 min.)

No. 2593 DVD — $95.00


Learn how to make and acknowledge introductions, how to shake hands, how to get along with office coworkers, and how to share office space and equipment. Learn proper etiquette up and down the organizational hierarchy and cubicle courtesy. Also explains electronic etiquette, such as the use of cell phones, camera phones, pagers, voicemail, and e-mail. (2006 – 20 min.)*

No. 5122 DVD — $99.00


Mapping a Career Path: Your Aptitude, Interests, Values and Personality

Career self-assessments provide insight into aptitude, values, and personality. These, along with a person’s interests, can determine what types of work might suit and satisfy them. Explore popular assessment techniques and hear from other job searchers about their experiences navigating the four domains of self-assessment. Meet the people who can help interpret and gauge the validity of test results. And see how school projects and extracurricular activities can help guide career planning.
(2011 – 22 min.)*

No. 5154 DVD — $109.00

Math in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up?

Join Matt the Mathematical Cook, a fun and lively host who will multiply, divide, measure, and whip up a few recipes in the process in Math in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up? Learn how to read a recipe, properly measure ingredients and identify common equivalents, convert recipes for smaller and larger yields, and use cost comparisons to determine the best buy. (2009 – 28 min.)

No. 9495 DVD — $49.95


Learn how children’s minds expand in knowledge and understanding as their thinking becomes more logical and organized between the ages of 6 and 12. During this stage, they develop concrete operational thinking and make substantial advancements in language development. This DVD presents educator insights and observations, pertinent vocabulary, statistics, and classroom strategies relating to the many aspects of cognitive and language development that children experience in this stage. (2008 – 20 min.)

No. 7026 DVD — $99.00

Middle Childhood: Physical Growth & Development

Between ages 6 and 12, children’s bodies grow and mature in significant ways. They gain body awareness and develop new gross and fine motor skills. This is also a pivotal stage where injury, illness, and the increase of childhood obesity are common. Watch as this DVD presents educator insights, pertinent vocabulary, statistics, and classroom strategies for fostering healthy physical development during this stage. (2008 – 22 min.)

No. 7025 DVD — $99.00

Middle childhood: social & emotional development

Between ages 6 and 12, children develop many of the social skills they will use through adulthood. They form self-concepts and self-esteem, build new kinds of relationships, and begin to regulate more of their own behavior. This DVD presents educator insights and observations, pertinent vocabulary, statistics, and classroom strategies relating to the many aspects of social and emotional development that children experience in this stage.

(2008 – 25 min.)

No. 7027 DVD — $99.00



For classes that need an overview of the middle childhood years, this presentation explains how children between ages 6 and 12 develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Viewers learn pertinent vocabulary, statistics, and classroom strategies, and hear experienced classroom teachers offer insights and observations about children in this state of development. Summarizes content available in individual titles in this series. (2008 – 30 min.)*

No. 5316 DVD — $99.00



Minerals are more than squares on the periodic table; they are crucial to our health. Learn the names and functions of minerals, and which foods are the best sources to ensure proper nutrition. Understand the differences between vitamins and minerals, and what defines a mineral as “major” or “trace.” Also, see how minerals behave in our bodies once we ingest them, as well as how they react with each other in vital bodily functions. (2009 – 28 min.)*

No. 5207 DVD — $99.00


No one likes change, especially when it comes to family life, but change is sometimes inevitable. Listen as teens talk about real life situations and how they learned to deal with them. Mom and dad divorcing is not the end of family life, it just makes it something new to deal with. (2006 – 23 min.)

No. 8024 DVD — $125.00


Explains the symbolism of the new personalized food guidance system. Uses teens to teach the “Steps to a Healthier You” and shows them how to eat for energy, control their calories, and add physical activity to their daily routine. Students go to the Web site where they find their personal eating plans for their age, gender, size, and activity level. (2005 – 15 min.)

No. 9386 DVD — $49.95


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Discover the importance of using good manners when using cell phones, the Internet, iPods, e-mail and other gadgets. Learn the S.T.E.P.S. of manners related to technology and get the netiquette edge. (2007 – 21 min.)

No. 9426 DVD — $79.95





Explains the basics of natural and manufactured fibers, and shows how technology is changing our clothing, home furnishings, and design concepts. Students share their experiences with fiber properties like comfort, warmth, cost, and care. New fibers, such as spandex, microfibers, and lyocell, are explained. Provides interview with an outdoor enthusiast who explains the latest in technical clothing. (2003 – 20 min.)

No. 9166 DVD — $79.95



Nutrition Controversies

Join host Wes Halula and two teens as they take a closer look at controversial nutrition topics to get the straight facts on food safety, organic foods, genetically engineered foods, food allergies, MSG, functional foods, dietary supplements, and more in this entertaining and enlightening DVD. (2009 – 22 min.)

No. 9507 DVD — $79.95


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Take a look at the growing national obesity problem and how beverages are a significant factor. Discover how the beverage choices we make can greatly affect our health – for better or for worse. The DVD examines the effect of beverages on weight gain. It also looks at beverage size, the dangers of regular and diet sodas, sports and energy drinks, the nutritional breakdown of popular beverages, and the benefits of drinking water. This up-to-date DVD will appeal to teens and encourage smart beverage choices. (2006 – 21 min.)

No. 9429 DVD — $79.95


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Parenting 101: Basic Skills for Raising Confident Children

This video presents practical advice on building a strong parent-child relationship, teaching and reinforcing desirable behavior, creating an environment that stimulates intellect and confidence, developing a routine that offers reassurance and stability, and working through parental conflict constructively. Concise dramatizations that highlight problems and solutions are combined with helpful commentary from educators, counselors, and psychologists. (2011 – 23 min.)

No. F206 DVD — $99.95

Parliamentary Procedures and Guidelines

Often students are taught the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, but rarely are they taught the real-world application, relevance and importance of this process. This presentation not only provides students with the skills needed to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting, but also supplies them with a detailed look on how parliamentary procedure is used in a professional setting. (2011 – 75 min.)

No. 2222 DVD — $115.00


The Power of Family

Traditional, single parent, blended, or extended - there are many ways we define a family. Our families help make us the people that we are today. Learn the different types of families and the developmental roles they play; including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and moral development. Teaching materials included. (2008 – 23 min.)

No. 9474 DVD — $79.95


For classes that need an overview of the preschooler, this presentation explains how preschoolers develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Concepts from developmental theorists as well as practical suggestions for caregivers are clearly presented in this study of the whole preschool-aged child. Summarized content available in individual titles in this series. (2008 – 28 min.)*

No. 5197 DVD — $99.00



Using footage of preschoolers in the classroom, graphics, and interviews with teachers and caregivers, this program delivers a detailed overview of the cognitive development that takes place between the ages of three and five. See how the brain grows neural bridges and strengthens a child’s intellect, widely studied developmental theories of cognitive development and how to encourage it, and characteristics of preoperational thought. Also covered are areas of language development, how children use symbolic thought, and how “theory of the mind” helps preschoolers understand what the mind is and how it works. (2008 – 24 min.)

No. 7207 DVD — $99.00


From the ages of two to five, preschoolers reach developmental milestones with endless energy and increasing physical coordination. Learn the physical characteristics of preschoolers, how gross and fine motor skills are developed, and the physical milestones that most children reach during this stage. This DVD looks at the natural activities children are drawn to which help their physical development and at strategies to encourage these activities. Also covered are the physical challenges of some children, activity modifications to help children with physical challenges, and why good nutrition and the proper amount of sleep are crucial at this age. (2008 – 21 min.)

No. 7206 DVD — $99.00




Discover how preschoolers learn to play cooperatively, make friends, and express emotions. This DVD presents concepts from developmental theorists, insight from current preschool educators, and strategies that can be used to foster social and emotional growth.

(2008 – 23 min.)

No. 7208 DVD — $99.00


The word “protein” comes from a Greek word that means “of prime importance.” Proteins help us see, contract our muscles, and clot blood. Our organs and immune system are made up of mostly protein. Learn what a protein is and the foods that provide it, how our bodies process protein, the difference between high and low quality proteins, and the recommended intakes of this essential nutrient. (2009 – 22 min.)*

No. 5240 DVD — $99.00


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What do you buy most in a supermarket? Hint: It is not food. Most of your dollars are spent for slicing, dicing, portioning, and packaging. In short, you pay for convenience. Real Food illustrates how much we pay – in dollars and nutrition – when we buy processed foods. Using compelling and memorable examples, students will learn how buying local products, fresh ingredients, and raw foods will impact their health as well as their wallets. (2008 – 24 min.)*

No. 5318 DVD — $99.00


Recognizing Child Abuse

This program spells out the Four Rs of child abuse—the harsh Reality of its presence in our society, the Results it leads to, the many ways to Recognize it, and the proper channels for Reporting it. Each of these concepts is explained through eye-opening dramatizations and supported by interviews with education and child welfare experts. A viewable/printable presenter’s guide is available online at <>.

(2007 - 25 min.)

No. F674 DVD — $89.95



This child discipline program, created by Dr. Thomas Knestrict of Xavier University,
teaches parents how to structure their homes and lives to keep themselves and their children happy, healthy, and sane. The presentation includes a series of realistic live-action scenarios to illustrate how developing a set of well-thought-out rules, rituals, and routines will make parents’ lives easier and their children happier and well-behaved.

(2007 – 18 min.)*

No. 5303 DVD — $99.00


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It is estimated that 40 percent of teens have been targeted by an e-bully. This video outlines and explains in detail seven strategies for dealing with a digital bully. It also includes seven ways parents and educators can work to stop cyberbullying. (2008 – 20 min.)

No. 9467 DVD — $79.95

Science of Food Handling and Storage

This presentation explores the basis and purpose of various food handling and storage practices in the industry, as well as in home kitchens. Food spoilage, food intoxications and infections, along with food pathogens, food microorganisms and food additives are also discussed. The application and importance of proper storage methods, such as freezing, vacuum packaging and dehydrating, are introduced and explained. (2011 – 40 min.)

No. 2237 DVD $115.00



Have you ever wondered what nutrition really is and why it is so important? This DVD discusses the six essential nutrients and illustrates what happens to the food you consume and how it benefits the body. It also explains the concepts of digestion, metabolism, and the expenditure of energy. (2007 – 24 min.)

No. 2121 DVD — $125.00

The Secret Life of Rooms: Interior Design Basics

Explores fundamentals of interior design, focusing on the relationship of people to things and spaces. Examples of topics include how room design can change behavior and why a chair is more than something to sit on.

(2001 – 20 min.)*

No. 5252 DVD — $99.00


What are transferable skills and why do you need them? Watch as a group of employees demonstrate and explain important transferable job skills including communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Includes teaching materials. (2010 – 24 min.)

No. 9522 DVD — $49.95

Sensory and art

Explores how all of the child’s developing senses are used in understanding surroundings, and ways teachers can enhance sensory experiences. Shows teachers planning material specifically for involving the senses, providing a sense of safety and security. (2002 – 29 min.)

No. 7130 DVD — $99.00


Paying a high price for clothes does not guarantee quality. This program shows what to look for in clothing and how to test clothing before buying. Learn what four questions to ask before you buy, how to evaluate a garment’s fabric and lining, and what high-quality seams, hems and pockets look like. Examine “vanity sizing” and how to buy the right size, and what care labels can tell you about clothes. (2009 – 20 min.)*

No. 5134 DVD — $99.00



Observe a professional chef use a variety of small appliances, such as bread machine, food processor, blender, crock pot, dehydrator, electric knife, and waffle iron. See how technology has made the job of cooking easier and more fun. (2005 – 25 min.)

No. 9029 DVD — $49.95


Working with special needs children can present child care providers with many challenges. Learn the characteristics, capabilities, and expectations for children with varying needs. This DVD discusses the varying needs of special needs children and how child care providers can address and meet such needs. (2007 – 20 min.)

No. 2116 DVD — $99.00

Special people, special needs

Helps individuals who work with children increase their awareness of the nature of “special needs.” Reviews characteristics, capabilities, and expectations for children with mental retardation, Down’s Syndrome, sensory deficits, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, communication limitations, and emotional/behavioral disorders. Includes a study guide and a supplement.
(2000 – 51 min.)

No. 2591 DVD — $115.00




Based on recent research and literature, these films show how to advance student achievement. Appropriate for all teacher preparation courses.


Learn tips on how to communicate effectively with parents, students, and staff. See how to create a climate of mutual respect, how to set and convey expectations clearly, and how to use praise with students. Learn how to communicate with parents through newsletters, e-mails, phone calls, and conferences. In working with other staff members, see how good attitude, sharing in responsibilities, and attending meetings demonstrate professionalism. (2006 – 29 min.)

No. 7163 DVD — $99.00


View flexible grouping and learn how to determine when to use whole group, cooperative groups, or individual instruction. Shows how to structure and pace a lesson, including modeling, role-playing, teaching a new skill, providing feedback and practice, assigning homework, and using assessments. Knowing students’ needs and helping with special learning needs is also emphasized. Based on recent research and literature, these films show how to advance student achievement. Appropriate for all teacher preparation courses.
(2006 – 29 min.)

No. 7161 DVD — $99.00


Practical advice for managing classrooms in a positive way for diverse students is clearly conveyed. View how to set up a classroom depending on the age group and content, how to establish routines, maintain discipline, and deal with transitions. Based on recent research and literature, these films show how to advance student achievement. Appropriate for all teacher preparation courses.
(2006 – 29 min.)

No. 7162 DVD — $99.00


Demonstrates in the classroom how to go from planning to creating engaging lessons, how to use assessments to design instruction, how to weave together many different sources in planning, and how to activate prior knowledge. See the importance of understanding the developmental ages of young learners, building on content knowledge, using technology as a resource, and crafting valid objectives and assessments. Based on recent research and literature, these films show how to advance student achievement. Appropriate for all teacher preparation courses. (2006 – 29 min.)

No. 7160 DVD — $99.00



There is a saying in the addiction field, “You are as sick as your secrets.” Secrets keep addicts ill and cost lives. Families that have addicted members learn to operate with secrecy. This new series of presentations provides information on identifying and dealing with a variety of addictive challenges.


Watch as Dr. Kitty Harris-Wilkes, Director for the Texas Tech Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery, along with former users and addicts discuss the use, abuse, and addiction to alcohol. This DVD includes an overview of alcohol abuse; effects on the individual, family, and friends; a short, self-assessment; and where to find additional help. (2007 – 25 min.)

No. 8001 DVD — $125.00


Watch as professional, Dr. Kitty Harris-Wilkes, Director for the Texas Tech Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery, along with survivors of eating disorders talk about the issues and consequences associated with the disease. This DVD includes an overview of the disease; effects on the individual, family, and friends; a short, self-assessment; and where to find additional help. (2007 – 25 min.)

No. 8002 DVD — $125.00


Learn the common forms of performance-enhancing drugs, negative consequences of using these drugs, and drug-testing procedures. Specific objectives addressed in the program include an overview of drugs in sport; an exploration of why performance-enhancing drugs are used and what the side-effects of use are; an explanation of the why and how of drug testing; a short self-assessment; and where to find additional help. (2007 – 20 min.)

No. 8004 DVD — $125.00


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Volume 1 of this two-part series demonstrates appropriate ways of holding, diapering, bathing, and feeding a baby. Also shown are good practices in taking the baby for well-baby checkups, taking a temperature, and giving medicine. Includes teaching materials.

(2006 – 23 minutes)

No. 9413 DVD — $99.95


Use this presentation to provide students with the skills and knowledge they will need to stay safe with friends, dates, strangers, and others. This program uses realistic scenarios and interviews to present information on date rape drugs, strategies to prevent date rape, the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and resources for victims of abuse. (2008 – 19 min.)

No. 9462 DVD — $79.95

Them and Us

Nice, reasonable people like us are "we," and strangers with weird beliefs are "they." But every "us" is somebody else's "them." This presentation explores common thinking habits to show how they can easily lead to hidden assumptions, biases, and prejudices. View some simple habits of perception that illustrate how "people typing" and stereotypes are extensions of how our brains work to make sense of the world. (2007 – 27 min.)

No. 5306 DVD — $99.00


Toddlers: Cognitive Development

Examine how brain cells are structured to connect and retain what a child learns. Explore theories of cognitive development and see the process toddlers go through as they learn language. Observe toddlers as they engage in activities that foster memory and the retrieval of information. (2009 – 26 min.)*

No. 5327 DVD — $99.00

Toddlers: Physical Development

Learn about the physical characteristics of toddlers, and how gross and fine motor skills are developed. Understand the milestones children achieve at this age by observing toddlers in learning centers and at home. Hear from the experts about nutrition, sleep, toilet training, and developmental differences among toddlers. (2009 – 29 min.)*

No. 5326 DVD — $99.00

Toddlers: Social and Emotional Development

Learn about the theory of the mind and how toddlers come to understand how their actions can affect others. Examine how gender and temperament play a role in development. Observe toddlers interacting with family and peers as they develop attachments and social bonds. (2009 – 29 min.)*

No. 5328 DVD — $99.00

Top Careers in Two Years: Education and Social Services

Directly or indirectly, people working in the education and social services fields make their living by helping others live better lives. This program profiles a preschool teacher, a vocational education instructor, and a school administrative assistant as well as a drug and alcohol abuse counselor, a social and human services assistant, and a recreation worker. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online at <>.

(2009 – 19 min.)

No. F264 DVD — $99.95



Top Careers in Two Years: Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources

This program rounds up a diverse group of workers in the fields of food, agriculture, and natural resources—a food service manager, a dietetic technician, a dairy farm manager, a landscape supervisor, an environmental science and protection technician, and a water treatment plant operator—to illustrate what they do and how they go about doing it. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online at <>.

(2009 – 21 min.)

No. F266 DVD — $99.95

Top Careers in Two Years: Hospitality, Human Services, and Tourism

In this program, members of the hospitality, human services, and tourism groups—a chef and a caterer, a massage therapist and a retirement home manager, and a hotel manager and an event planner—describe what their professions are like. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online at

<>. (2009 – 20 min.)

No. F262 DVD — $99.95

Top Careers in Two Years: Retail, Marketing, and Sales

This program spends some quality face time with a retail sales manager, a merchandise manager, and a distribution manager…a marketing manager, a promotions manager, and a public relations specialist…and an advertising sales agent, a real estate agent, and an e-commerce specialist to gain an understanding of what their professions involve. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online at <>. (2009 – 21 min.)

No. F260 DVD — $99.95


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Learn what credit is, how it is used, and what types of credit are available – including school loans, car loans, and mortgages. Your credit history is important. Understand how credit is measured and what your credit score means. Learn ways to establish and maintain good credit, as well as tips to overcome bad credit. (2010 – 23 minutes)*

No. 5194 DVD — $99.00


Watch this fast-paced introduction to fabric science. Your students will learn about fabrics that repair broken hearts, stop bullets, fight fire, stop water, protect against outer space, and enable people to fly. Viewers tour a modern textile mill and watch raw acrylic become fabric. They see yarn spun by a traditional spinning wheel and by modern technology. They see fabric created by both a traditional hand loom and by high-speed computerized machines. (2008 – 21 min.)*

No. 5166 DVD — $99.00

understanding food – borne pathogens

Examines several common pathogens responsible for food-borne illness, including E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Botulism, and many more. Characteristics of these organisms, symptoms of their related illness, as well as preventative measures that will help reduce the risk of becoming ill are discussed. Includes a study guide. (1996 – 40 min.)

No. 2676 DVD — $115.00


Shows how to use color to shape environments through a practical “how to” demonstration. Teaches the basics of creating color harmony and color schemes for interiors, wardrobes, and wherever color matters. Concepts include the law of unequal areas, advancing and receding colors, cool and warm colors, complementary and related colors, primary and secondary colors, the importance of color values in design, the value of neutrals, the role of proportion in color choices, and the idea of “visual weight.” (2006 – 21 min.)*

No. 5289 DVD — $99.00


Understand how credit cards actually work, the different types of cards available, and how to use them to your advantage. See how to select the card that is right for you, how to read your monthly statement, and ways to protect yourself as you conquer the world of credit cards. Avoid the traps of fine print and credit jargon by learning the fundamentals of using credit cards. (2010 – 25 min.)*

No. 5256 DVD — $99.00


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Learn the basics of vitamins. What are vitamins and how do they keep us healthy? What is the best way to be sure vitamin needs are met? Are supplements necessary? Can vitamins cure illnesses, slow aging, and boost energy? What are the dangers of overdosing? Are natural better than synthetic supplements?
(2009 – 25 min.)*

No. 5182 DVD — $99.00


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Learn what water does for the body, from cell structure and joint lubrication to body temperature regulation and vitamin dissolution. Understand potential problems, such as what dehydration is and can do, and what water contamination means to third world countries and disaster areas. Learn what concerns surround water alternatives like energy drinks and sodas. Get recommendations for water intake daily and during exercise, where we get our water, and health regulations for purity, filtrations and additives. (2009 – 30 min.)*

No. 5321 DVD — $99.00

Welcome to Holland

This program follows the journey of three families with special needs children. Through parents’ insight and shared experiences, viewers gain an understanding of how families nurture and care for children with special needs. Discover the importance of structure and predictability in the home and how to incorporate other positive affect resiliency factors – all while ensuring a nurturing and loving environment for the family. (2010 – 48 min.)*

No. 5540 DVD — $149.00



Provides basic information about how we use food for energy. Covers how calories are measured, the basal metabolic rate, weight loss, and empty calories. Compares 32 heads of lettuce to one piece of pie. Encourages exercise. Compatible with new food guide. (2005 – 16 min.)*

No. 5284 DVD — $99.00




Provides basic information for anyone living in a market society, such as ours. Viewers learn that price is information disguised as a number. They understand how it influences consumer behavior, sends a message from the producer, allows the consumer to talk back, and plays a vital role in a market economy. Answers questions, such as what is a price and who sets it, what goes into setting a price, how does price influence behavior. (2006 – 21 min.)*

No. 5301 DVD — $99.00



Make a good impression with proper etiquette for special occasions. Watch as four students seek the advice of an etiquette expert as they prepare for a formal event. Be prepared for a date, a job interview, or any special occasion with manners that will surely impress. (2008 – 22 min.)

No. 9480 DVD — $49.95

Why Can’t Michael pay attention?

Centers on a six-year-old diagnosed with ADHD. Shows initial display of symptoms, assessment and tests, parents learning about ADHD, coping techniques, and limits and benefits of medication. (1998 – 21 min.)*

No. 5498 DVD — $99.00



Okay, you got the job so now what? A good employee knows that succeeding in the workplace involves more than just learning a particular aspect of the job, it also includes knowing what to do and who to ask when you do not know. Learn how to succeed and how to get ahead by working smart. (2005 – 15 min.)

No. 8020 DVD  $125.00



Ethics describes how you act not only in public but also when no one is looking. An ethical employee is a valuable employee and someone who will be respected by their peers and employers. Learn how you can be a responsible and ethical employee. Come along and see what it takes to improve your on the job ethics. (2004 – 15 min.)

No. 8010 DVD — $125.00



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YOU'RE Hired! Job-Winning Interview Strategies

After watching this video, students will know how to define personal employment goals; research a company of interest; do mock interviews, for practice; dress for success; make a good first impression; communicate strengths, skills, accomplishments, and more; ask and answer a wide variety of pertinent questions; and follow up strategically via phone, mail, or e-mail.
(2010 – 26 min.)

No. F309 DVD — $99.95