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Research Projects

Loretta Rudd, PhD, College of Education

In the Spring of 2007 Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Loretta Rudd, PhD and three graduate students in the College of Education, Matt Lambert, Macy Satterwhite, and Amany Zaier conducted a study entitled, " The Language of Math: What Really Counts?" The primary objective of the study was to determine the type and frequency of math-mediated language used in a quality early learning and care center. The researchers observed each early childhood educator twice weekly for five weeks.

This Spring 2008, Dr. Rudd and three College of Education graduate students, Matt Lambert, Macy Satterwhite and Cinda Smith are back to conduct a follow-up study based on the findings of the previous study. The current study, Professional Development + Coaching = Enhanced Teaching, will help to determine the most efficacious means for enhancing the use of math-mediated language in early childhood settings following a professional development workshop presented by the researchers. This study is in the data collection phase where each teacher is observed twice weekly. There is a staggered scheduled for side-by-side in-class coaching to assist the early childhood educators to better implement the strategies presented in the workshop.

Malinda Colwell, PhD, College of Human Sciences

The Texas Tech University Child Development Research Center Database project by Dr. Malinda Colwell is an on-going project now in its eighth year. The project focuses on understanding young children’s social and emotional development and seeks to answer questions such as “What do preschoolers know about emotions?” “What social skills do preschoolers have?” “How does children’s social and emotional competence change from the toddler to the preschool years?” This research is done by conducting a series of interviews with children between two and five years old that are done in the form of games. The interviews are conducted by Dr. Colwell and her graduate and undergraduate research assistants. For more information, please email Dr. Colwell at