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My name is Stacy Johnson and I am the Director of the CDRC.  The CDRC has been my home for many years now.  I began working part-time in the Infant and Toddler Center in August of 1990 and moved into a full-time teaching position in 1992.  I became the Associate Director in 2000 and the Director in 2007.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Human Development and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, Human Development, and Business Management.  The CDRC has been the center of my professional life. It has fulfilled all parts of my passion for teachers, students, children and their families. I value the opportunity to spend my days surrounded by both interesting, intelligent and complicated young children and the adults who are eager to understand them. I appreciate parents as knowledgeable and passionate advocates for their children and embrace the partnerships we form. 

Stacy Johnson


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