Texas Tech University

David Shea, PhD

Teacher at Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Center

David Shea currently serves as a teacher and Education Program at the Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Center in Lubbock, which is a branch of Kadampa Meditation Center Texas in Dallas.  He has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2000 and began teaching in 2005.  Shea first started meditating back in 1983 after receiving instruction in Transcendental Meditation and practiced Zen meditation off and on during the 1990's.  After moving to Lubbock in 2000 to begin his appointment as a clarinet professor in the School of Music at Texas Tech, he met Gen Kelsang Sangye, a Buddhist monk and resident teacher at KMC Texas.  He was so inspired by his teaching and example that he immediately became a dedicated student in the Kadampa tradition and a disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

David Shea, PhD
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