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Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Jacob Gurock Personal Financial Planning

Fall 2018

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Jacob Gurock

by Ellie Ebanks

Personal Financial Planning major Jacob Gurock has been selected as the College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer for the Fall 2018 commencement. The West Windsor, New Jersey native feels humbled to become part of such an esteemed selection of students and promises to uphold the standards of this honor through both his career and relationships.

"The professors of the College of Human Sciences have made so many sacrifices to see their students grow," Jacob said. "The banner I will carry at graduation is as much theirs as it is mine."

Jacob began his academic career in the College of Human Sciences as a Community Family and Addiction Sciences major. Jacob wanted to help recovering addicts get and stay sober, but after taking an introductory class in Personal Financial Planning with Chris Browning, Ph.D., Jacob immediately fell in love with the curriculum.

"Being able to crunch numbers while also helping families live life on their terms was a proposition that I couldn't pass up."

Jacob said that all of his professors have pushed him to become the best financial planner that he can be. In his profession, Jacob will strive to put the best interests of individuals and families first. Jacob wants his future clients to know that there's nothing he wants more than to participate in their success.

"Believe in them, and work hard for their benefit, and amazing feats can be accomplished," Jacob said. "Genuinely serving my community with honor and dignity will undoubtedly aid me in my own advancement."

Following graduation, Jacob will begin his career in Scottsdale, Arizona at Vanguard's Financial Advisor Development Program. There Jacob will learn the ins and outs of becoming an effective financial advisor.

"Vanguard is passionate about serving, and I cannot wait to both learn from and contribute to their firm."

Congratulations, Jacob.

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Sierra Snyder Retail Management

Summer 2018

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Sierra Snyder

by Ashley Brister

Retail Management major and Prosper, Texas native, Sierra Snyder, will represent the College of Human Sciences as Banner Bearer for the 2018 August commencement.

Originally an elementary education major, Sierra found her passion in retail when she transferred to Texas Tech University.

"I have always had an interest for all things clothes and fashion," Sierra said. "I also have a passion for helping people, so with the Retail Management degree I can live out both of those passions."

Sierra said she felt immensely grateful to have been selected as the Banner Bearer.

"It is a great accomplishment and I'm blessed to be able to represent my class at the commencement ceremony."

After graduation, Sierra will begin her graduate studies with the pursuit of a master's degree in Hospitality and Retail Management from Texas Tech. Sierra plans to tie in her educational background in her graduate electives by gaining her teaching certification.

"Texas Tech has been such a blessing in my life. From the professors to the friendships, and all the different learning platforms, I have gained so much knowledge to go forth in my future career."

Sierra credits her study abroad experiences to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, and Ireland with a position of being able to exponentially grow and learn in different ways than the typical classroom setting.

"I have gained many great connections through those experiences, as well as grew closer to my professors who I know will always be there for me if needed."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Jodie Lockeby

Spring 2018

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Jodie Lockeby

by Katy McCall, photo by Erin Graham

Human Sciences major and Terry Scholar Jodie Lockeby has been selected as the College of Human Sciences (COHS) Banner Bearer for the commencement ceremony on May 19, 2018 at the United Supermarkets Arena. Her triumph over personal obstacles in pursuit of higher education makes her an excellent representation of the college.

Jodie initially came to Texas Tech to study Psychology, but after taking a Family Dynamics class with Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies (ADRS) professor, Spencer Bradshaw, Ph.D., she chose to major in Human Sciences. Her areas of concentration include Psychology, Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies, and Community and Family Addiction Sciences.

"Coming to COHS as an interdisciplinary student has allowed me the opportunity to explore the human condition more fully. Majoring in Human Sciences has given me a new perspective by allowing me to see that our relationships have a profound impact on whom we are as individuals."

Jodie appreciates how uniquely approachable faculty in the College of Human Sciences are.

"Dr. George Comiskey is an outstanding professor and mentor. He is one of the busiest people I know, but always has an open door when called upon for advice or help. I'm also incredibly grateful to Dr. Spencer Bradshaw and Dr. Sara Smock Jordan for making themselves available to me."

Jodie also enjoyed the interactive classroom environment in her service learning courses.

"Students were encouraged to have discussions in lecture that facilitated critical thinking and practical application of material. I'd highly recommend these classes to any student."

With graduation on the horizon, she plans to continue her education at the graduate level at Angelo State University in the Master of Science in Applied Psychology Program.

"Although I am continuing my education in the field of psychology, I will carry what I've learned at COHS into my graduate studies. My focus will be more geared towards empowerment, rather than diagnosis."

As Banner Bearer, Jodie is honored to represent COHS at the commencement ceremony.

"The opportunity to represent the college that has done so much to help me evolve both personally and academically is truly humbling. I'd like to thank the Terry Foundation and Heather Medley for investing in me and helping me achieve my dream of a higher education."

Congratulations, Jodie!

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Lorena Posadas

Fall 2017

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Lorena Posadas

by Katy McCall, photo by Ashley Brister

Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences (CFAS) student Lorena Posadas has been selected as the College of Human Sciences (COHS) Banner Bearer for the commencement ceremony on December 16, 2017. Her dedication and leadership throughout her academic career have distinguished her as an excellent representation of COHS.

Lorena reflects on her tour of COHS during her last semester at South Plains College. She specifically recalls being in awe of students conducting research through a one-way mirror.

"That day, I toured other science labs throughout the campus and I knew COHS was the place to be in order to expand my horizons and foster my love for helping people, learning in an interactive way."

Lorena's initial ambitions to become a counselor led to her discovery of the CFAS program.

"After taking an introductory course in CFAS, I fell in love and had a new perspective of additional families and populations I can serve in my future as a licensed marriage and family therapist. It was the perfect fit, encompassing every aspect of what I am passionate about."

Her love for her program and the college inspired her to get involved. Now she serves as the Chair of the Women's Leadership Institute under the President's Office Gender Equity Council. She also serves as the President of Raiders for Service under the Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement, as Secretary of the Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society in the College of Human Sciences, and as undergraduate research assistant in the Studying Maturation, Interpersonal Transitions, Theory, and Emotions in Newlyweds (SMITTEN) Lab for Human Development and Family Studies.

Additionally, Lorena is a member of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society and participates in first-generation student programs such as Student Support Services and Mentor Tech.

When asked about mentors who have helped her in her own academic journey, Lorena credits Associate Professor Sara Smock Jordan, Ph.D.

"She has always been willing to help anyway she can. I believe it is part of her nature as a therapist that I have always felt worthy, inspired and, encouraged by her."

Lorena says that her other greatest supporters are her parents. With their work and sacrifice, they have made it possible for Lorena to be the first in her family to graduate college.

"I owe everything to the example they set of work ethic, perseverance, and humility. Serving as Banner Bearer gives me the chance to show them the fruit of their labor."

In addition to honoring her parents, Lorena describes what being selected as Banner Bearer means to her.

"This honor comes with great surprise as college, and Texas Tech in particular, was never a guarantee in my future. I am grateful to graduate Summa Cum Laude and represent the college that has helped me develop and grow academically."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Katrina Bleier

Spring 2017

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Katarina Bleier

Early Childhood graduate Katarina Bleier will serve as Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences during commencement on May 20, 2017.

Katarina says she chose to leave her hometown in New Mexico to attend Texas Tech University to pursue her passion for learning in hopes of one-day providing students with the same love for learning with a degree in Early Childhood.

"I chose Early Childhood because I want to prompt the same deep love for learning I found from incredible teachers and mentors. I have learned to challenge both myself and children through my degree."

After her graduation, Katarina says she hopes to relocate for work in a position that allows her to help children navigate their own education.

"It is widely known that education today is drastically different. I want to help these new students adjust to the rigor we now expect. Influencing the youth of today in any role one chooses directly influences the future we set for our world, and I want to be on the front line to make a positive change."

Katarina has had the opportunity to serve as a research assistant in the College of Human Sciences' Child Development Research Center, complete the Walt Disney Internship, and educate young minds through the Lubbock Independent School District while pursuing her degree.

Katarina thinks back on her time with the Child Development Research Center during Mud Day, when children were tasked with learning activities in the mud.

"I remember the kids try to run and put mud on me when I wasn't looking and then giggling and running away if I caught them. I realized in those moments that it was the first time I was ever allowed to play in the mud. I cherished how we allowed students to do what they were often told they couldn't and had entire learning experiences from it."

Katarina says that she is humbled and incredibly grateful to be selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences.

"I greatly value my experiences and their simultaneous influence on my personal growth and outlook on life. The Texas Tech College of Human Sciences has equipped me with experience and perspective, which will greatly benefit my future."

Katarina credits Instructor Mitzi Ziegner, M.Ed., with teaching her the importance of applying everything she learns about children to all aspects of life.

"She taught the developmental aspect of Human Sciences many often forget: to be an adult we also must have been a child. Therefore, understanding any relates back to the basic aspects of development. I wish to always keep this same mindset."

Katarina encourages her peers to try and embrace opportunities presented to them.

"You never know how it will shape your experience and interests. Life is interdisciplinary. We learn the most when we take any opportunity we are given. The moment we allow ourselves to be compartmentalized is the moment our potential to learn diminishes. Let every experience be influential to your future."

Katarina would like to thank everyone at Texas Tech for pushing her forward. Katarina says that there have been countless positive influences along her path to graduation.

"Every instructor I have had throughout my academic career at Texas Tech has been influential in my academic pursuits. I credit the entire university for the person I will be when I walk across the stage at graduation. I am fortunate to have been provided so many opportunities as a student. I have aimed to not take it for granted. I thank Texas Tech for immersing me in so many opportunities."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Susana Carrillo

Fall 2016

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Susana Carrillo

by Katie Main, photo by Micheal Hernandez

December 2016 Early Childhood graduate Susana Carrillo will be the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences' commencement on December 17. As an outstanding student, Susana is selected on the basis of all-around achievement including involvement in the college, academic success, and engagement with the university and community to carry the College of Human Sciences' banner during commencement exercises. She will also address her peers at the college's honor ceremony of December 16.

Susana was a sophomore at the University of Texas in her hometown of El Paso, Texas, when she first visited Texas Tech University and made the decision to transfer and continue her education in the College of Human Sciences.

"As soon as I walked around the campus and sat in the stands of Jones AT&T Stadium, I completely fell in love. I was enthralled by the amount of school spirit and pride Red Raiders have. I did some research and was further persuaded by all the experiences, opportunities, and support the university, my major, and the College of Human Sciences had to offer. I didn't think twice and officially became a Red Raider the very next semester."

Susana said she cannot put into words how thankful she is for the time she has spent at Texas Tech.

"Every moment here has been amazing-- From yelling my heart out during football games, to freezing at the Carol of Lights, to breaking a sweat walking across campus, to hearing the Victory Bells ring, to cramming study sessions in the library, and happily knowing spring is coming by seeing the red tulips around campus in full bloom."
Susana said above all, the life-long family one joins as a Red Raider is what she has enjoyed the most, and will surely enjoy forever.

After graduation, Susana plans to use her degree and teacher certification to teach at an elementary school in Texas for a couple of years.

"A really big dream of mine is to teach abroad. I hope to gain experience, confidence, and a whole lot of courage so that within the next couple of years I can teach children in a foreign country."

As a future teacher, Susana said she cannot imagine going into a classroom without the skills she has acquired in the College of Human Sciences.

"I can say without a doubt, my time as a Red Raider has been one filled with not just academic growth, but personal growth as well. An Early Childhood major in the department of Human Development and Family Studies, I learned the value of understanding people and building relationships with them."

Susana said professor Mitzi Ziegner helped her realize the importance of taking a step back and seeing her students as people.

Susana's advice for current and prospective students is to take advantage of all the resources Texas Tech and the individual colleges have have readily available for you.

"We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful institution. If you are proactive, there are so many people, programs, organizations, scholarships, centers, and tutors that are here to assist you with whatever you may need."

Susana credits much of her success at Tech to these resources. She said an opportunity she will always vouch for is the Study Abroad program. In the summer of 2016, Susana studied in the Dominican Republic where she was able to take classes as well as teach them.

"Tech has done an amazing job providing safe and organized study abroad opportunities for all students and majors. It's a once in a lifetime chance you should take."

Susana would also encourage her peers to find a mentor, professor, or tutor who can be a part of their support system during their time at Texas Tech. Susana would like to thank her mentor, Denise Sanchez , who has always pushed her to her limits and believed in her when she doubted herself the most.

Assistant Director of Recruitment Denise Sanchez attributes Susana's success to her undeniable passion for serving others.

"Susana has proven to be a committed, responsible and driven young lady who is serious and shows a strong interest in achieving any goal she sets. I am so proud and humbled to have had an impact on her life, but the truth is she inspired me and knowing her has been such a treat. I know Susana she will go far and always encourage, empower, and uplift those around her."

Susana said she is incredibly honored to be the Fall 2016 Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences.

"In a University of more than 35,000 students, the College of Human Sciences has made me feel part of an encouraging community. I am grateful to be a Red Raider. It is a brand I am proud to wear and show off for the rest of my life. The upcoming transition from student to alumna is bittersweet to say the least. However, I know my relationship with Texas Tech University and the College of Human Sciences will not end December 17, 2016, I will always be an advocate for this wonderful place as I bear its banners far and wide."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Rachel Ruhman

Summer 2016

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Rachel Ruhman

August 2016 Apparel Design and Manufacturing graduate Rachel Ruhman serves as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences' (COHS) commencement on August 13.

Rachel describes how she felt to receive the honor.

"Being selected is a huge honor and I am so grateful to be able to represent the college that I love so much! I remember as a freshman, one of the professors that I had told us about the position of Banner Bearer and how high of an honor it was. It may sound cheesy, but from that point on, I knew that I wanted to hold this position, and I worked towards it every day in every class."

Rachel says that she chose Apparel Design and Manufacturing as her major in part because she has been sewing ever since she was able to reach the foot pedal on her first sewing machine.

"In high school, I was able to take fashion design classes where I learned in depth sewing skills and more about the fashion industry, and it was there that I decided that designing clothes is what I wanted to pursue as my major in college and as my career."

Rachel says her family has been a wonderful support system for her over the years.

"From the time I could talk, my family was teaching me the words to the Texas Tech fight song, so there was really no question in my mind whether or not I would be headed to Lubbock. I truly would not be where I am without their constant encouragement and love through the good times and bad."

Rachel describes the impact that Professor Rachel Anderson, M.F.A. had on her education.

"She always goes above and beyond for her students and you could tell that she really strives to see us be successful. She helped me in her office for more hours than I can even count, and has been a great teacher and role model during my college career."

Professor Anderson comments on Rachel's success.

"From the beginning, Rachel Ruhman has been one of our best students. She is intelligent, mature, and has been a pleasure to work with in classes as well as serving as President for Hi Tech Fashion Group. She is very talented in all areas of fashion design and the sky is the limit for what she can accomplish. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her in her career."

Rachel reflects on her time in the COHS.

"Some of the best memories that I have with my classmates were made in the apparel design-sewing lab where we spent countless hours leading up to the Senior Showcase. The show was pulled off without a glitch and everyone's designs were absolutely beautiful on the runway. It made me very proud to be from a program of such talented individuals, lead by such dedicated faculty."

After graduation, Rachel plans to take on an offer of a lifetime with the Dallas Cowboys. Rachel will serve in the Dallas Cowboys' merchandising department, designing fan gear that is sold across the country.

Rachel encourages her peers and prospective students to always strive to be the best that they can be.

"I am very proud to say in job interviews that I am from Texas Tech because I know that I have had an exceptional education from this university. The experiences that Texas Tech has provided are unlike anything that I could have imagined."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Jordan George

Spring 2016

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Jordan George

May 2016 Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics graduate Jordan George will serve as Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences during commencement on May 21. Jordan is from Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Jordan describes being chosen as Banner Bearer as an honor and an opportunity to show her respect for Texas Tech.

"Being chosen as the Banner Bearer is truly an honor. But as great as it feels to be recognized for all I have accomplished, I think it is equally important to recognize and pay my respects to this university. Texas Tech has opened so many doors for me and given me so many opportunities. I know I would not be where I am today without my experiences as a Red Raider. Tech has prepared me to succeed in all areas of my life, not just the workforce."

Jordan chose dietetics as her major because it combines her passion for health and her desire to help others with preventative care.

Jordan describes her Medical Nutrition Therapy classes with Ms. Lydia Kloiber and her appreciation for other Nutritional Sciences faculty members.

"I have lots of great memories I will take away from here. I think I may have driven Ms. Kloiber crazy in class with my constant questions! Ms. Childress, Ms. Fillipp, Ms. Kloiber, Dr. Boylan, and Dr. Reed have all been especially impactful on me. I hope to one day be as good of a role model for others as they have been for me."

After graduation, Jordan will continue her education as a dietetic intern at Texas Tech and work on obtaining her master's degree in Nutrition as well as passing the exam that will allow her to work as a Registered Dietitian.

Jordan has had encouragement from her friends, family, and faculty members to work hard and she encourages her peers and prospective students to seek challenges.

"Never settle with being good enough, and never be afraid to ask questions.”

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Sarah Hardey

Fall 2015

College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer

Sarah Hardey

December 2015 Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM) graduate Sarah Hardey represents the College of Human Sciences (COHS) as Banner Bearer during the Dec. 12 ceremony. Hardey is from Mandeville, Louisiana, but has lived in Austin, Texas, since the seventh grade. Hardey explains her honor in serving in this role during commencement and her appreciation.

"I am honored. I have worked diligently these past three and a half years and it has paid off in so many ways. None of it would be possible with my family, friends, and the faculty and staff in the College of Human Sciences and in the Honors College. Thanks to all who have supported me."

Hardey will assume a full-time position with HEB Grocery Company in Austin, Texas. In June 2016, she will begin their leadership program to becoming a top store leader. Hardey explains how her education prepared her for this career.

"The skills taught, as well as the professors and instructors who teach them, have contributed to my development as a leader. The skills and experiences I have had here created a solid foundation for the continuation of this journey of learning in my career."

Human Sciences Banner Bearer Sarah Hardey

Hardey credits diversity to her choosing COHS, the RHIM program, and Texas Tech University.

"The diversity of students, faculty, and staff and their shared compassion on this campus allow students to learn and expand their knowledge of the world. What an amazing gift!"

Finally, Hardey shares advice for current and prospective students.

"Find your passion. I never realized how true it is that 'if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life,' but I found out what it means at HEB. Find a company that will take care of you, but also challenge you. Be open to new opportunities."