Texas Tech University

Devin Keirsey

Women’s Protective Services Internship
Community, Family and Addiction Sciences

Devin Keirsey is a senior Community, Family and Addiction Sciences major who is completing an Undergraduate Practicum at Women's Protective Services.

Devin decided to pursue this position because he is interested in non-profit organizations and feels led to work with victims of domestic violence.

Devin's daily duties and responsibilities include social referral, passing out groceries, and working the hotline.

Devin said the best part of his experience is the client interaction. He said he likes meeting new people and hearing their experiences. However, Devin said the best part is also the hardest part.

“Hearing some of the stories about our client's situation is saddening, but I just have to remind myself they are in a better position now.”

Devin said his time in the College of Human Sciences has prepared him for the work he is doing at Women's Protective Services.

“Learning about addiction and relationships has given me an educated view as to how these things happen and how it keeps happening. Typically, it is a cycle and you just have to help give them the skills they need to make it on their own- be it financial, emotional, or whatever else helps them get through their rough time.”

Devin said the experience of working with clients in such a setting will help him in his future academic and professional careers.

“Books can only teach you so much. Real-life interaction is where the rubber meets the road.”

Devin said the people at Women's Protective Services are amazing. He said they really care about their clients and it was a great place to intern at.