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Human Sciences Students of the Month

Taylor Evans, Undergraduate Student of the Month

Undergraduate Student of the Month

Taylor Evans

by Ellie Ebanks
Photo Credit: Ashley Brister

Undergraduate Student of the Month and senior Human Sciences major, Taylor Evans, chose her major for the subject diversity it provides.

"I have the ability to create my own major and pick which courses I am most interested in," Taylor said. "My Human Development and Family Studies concentration goes hand in hand with Addictive Disorders and Recovery Sciences and that helps me go more in-depth with my eagerness to learn more about people and families."

Taylor's third concentration in English allows her to cohesively communicate her thoughts and write literature reviews over her research. Taylor feels that she has built a major that allows her to study and learn what she wants.

"I do not feel like I am just taking courses to graduate, but rather I am pursuing an education that interests me and that makes studying fun, easier, and come more naturally."

Taylor plans on applying her degree to help people rise from poverty. After graduation, Taylor wants to pursue a master's degree in non-profit leadership or family consumer sciences and one day work for a non-profit that specializes in poverty. Taylor wants to learn more about relieving people caught in the cycle of poverty.

"I have a passion for helping people, so as long as I am helping those around me in a positive way, I will be living my dream."

Taylor currently works in the advising office here in the College of Human Sciences and says she enjoys every second of it. Taylor says that she likes learning more about her college and meeting all the staff and faculty members that make the college special.

If she could give any advice to current students it would be to go out and meet their professors. Taylor knows from experience that students can learn so much from them and that professors truly want students to succeed. Taylor says professors aren't as intimidating as they may seem, and students should remember to thank their advisors because they do more than most students realize. Advisors offer more than advice on class schedules, they are essentially an on-campus support system for students.

"I would also tell them to pursue what makes you happy because then school will come naturally and learning will be fun!"

Taylor feels honored to be recognized as Student of the Month. Taylor would like to thank Officer Manager for Academic Advising, Cindy Villegas, for nominating her and the faculty for choosing her for this award.

"Cindy has been such a role model for me and I am forever grateful for her, the whole advising staff, and all the faculty I have come to know and appreciate," Taylor said. "I have made so many connections and this has helped me find my passions and surrounded me with people who want to help me pursue those passions. I can never thank this college enough for all guidance, role models, and friendships I have made this last year. Because of this college I know I can be successful wherever life takes me."

Congratulations to Taylor Evans, College of Human Sciences' September Undergraduate Student of the Month.

Dane Eggleston- Graduate Student of the Month

Graduate Student of the Month

Dane Eggleston

by Ashley Brister
Photo Credit: Ashley Brister

Dane Eggleston has been selected as the Graduate Student of the Month for September. Dane is currently in the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy (CMFT) doctoral program with plans to graduate in August 2020. Dane works in the College of Human Sciences as a graduate research assistant for Stephen Fife, Ph.D., LMFT, and also is an adjunct professor at Lubbock Christian University.

Although the news came as a surprise to Dane, he said the feeling is great.

"I know there are so many other students who deserve this kind of recognition, I'm honored to be selected for this month," Dane said.

When asked what is his favorite part of being in the College of Human Sciences, Dane pointed to the welcoming student environment.

"The faculty and students in my department are fantastic," Dane said. "It is just a wonderful environment that allows anyone in my program to thrive because of how supportive and caring everyone is. It has been the perfect place for me to get my Ph.D."

For other students considering their own Ph.D., Dane suggests that Texas Tech offers a great path for both a master's degree and doctoral degree, thanks to the guidance of caring faculty members.

"In my experience, I know I can go to any of the faculty for support knowing that they would be very willing to help."

The CMFT doctoral program provides students like Dane the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, which is something Dane says will largely aid in his future pursuits.

"As a doctoral student, research is the biggest priority, but the doctoral program also shapes and challenges students in other aspects like teaching and therapy that are vital to the field I am in."

Dane is looking forward to teaching fulltime after completing his Ph.D., with plans to open a small private therapy practice.

"In a perfect world, I would love to also be able to work for a professional or collegiate sports team doing some kind of therapy with them to help improve their personal life, which will hopefully also help their performance in games."

Congratulations, Dane! We look forward to seeing your dreams come to life.