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Human Sciences Students of the Month

Kathryn Cude, Undergraduate Student of the Month

Undergraduate Student of the Month

Kathryn Cude

by Ashley Brister
Photo Credit: Ashley Brister

Join us in congratulating Early Childhood major, Kathryn Cude, as Student of the Month for Summer 2018! Kathryn plans to graduate in May of 2019, but not before she continues her pursuit of working with youth both on and off the Texas Tech University campus.

"I spend most of my time working with youth," Kathryn said. "Through United Future Leaders, I have had the opportunity to help grow young leaders. Working with these awesome kids has shown me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I have a passion for serving youth and building them into the great individuals they are!"

The Munday, Texas native says that she chose a major in early childhood education because of her love for working with children and the desire to support student development.

"I think there is such a great benefit to understanding the developmental side of children. This will be very beneficial as I get in the classroom and have children in the different stages of development."

To Kathryn, her major is unique because of the accessibility for future educators to gain a skill set that enhances the work of educators.

"Not only do we student teach in all four blocks, but through the Early Childhood program, we work with children in the Child Development Research Center (CDRC). This hands-on experience teaches practices you cannot learn from a simply reading a book."

When asked what she most enjoys about the College of Human Sciences, Kathryn pointed to the family atmosphere, full of mentors and role models.

"I have enjoyed meeting all of the great professors and students the most. To be surrounded by other individuals who have the same passion for children is a great feeling!"

Kathryn is honored to be named as a Student of the Month and hopes to continue her education after graduation with a graduate degree in Educational Leadership or Speech Pathology.

Congratulations, Kathryn!

Mehrnaz Abbasi- Graduate Student of the Month

Graduate Student of the Month

Mehrnaz Abbasi

by Katy McCall
Photo Credit: Erin Graham

Nutritional Sciences Ph.D. student, Mehrnaz Abbasi was buried in lab work when her advisor came by to congratulate her. She was flattered but mostly confused. Little did she know, there was an email in her inbox naming her the College of Human Sciences' Graduate Student of the Month.

Success should come as no surprise for Mehrnaz. She was the top of her class at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Sciences in Tehran, Iran. Since joining the NS doctoral program at Texas Tech University, her focus has been on nutrition and nanomedicine for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases, like obesity.

Mehrnaz says she chose to study nutritional sciences for its practical application.

"Nutrition touches every aspect of healthcare and medical practice and is certainly one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life. Advances in understanding nutrition provide us novel and powerful weapons to treat obesity and other metabolic disorders and thus, new hope in fighting them."

Associate Professor Shu Wang, Ph.D. has worked closely with Mehrnaz through the course of her dissertation and was the one who nominated her for this recognition.

"I truly believe that she is an outstanding graduate student and will be an excellent researcher in the future. She is careful, thorough, and diligent."

Besides her work on her dissertation, Dr. Wang also commends her on her work as a research assistant in her group last year.

"Many of the research methods were new to her, but she was not afraid to set up new methods to address the questions to be answered."

According to Dr. Wang, she finished high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) peak integration and calculated the concentrations of vitamin E for more than 200 human plasma samples.

"Mehrnaz is one of the most hard-working students I have seen. She always finishes her planned work on time. If she has classes in the morning, she works in the afternoon and evening or on the weekends to get work finished."

Her hard work paid off when she recently presented her work some of these works at the Nutrition 2018 - American Society for Nutrition's Annual Meeting, Nutrition 2018.

"I'm so honored to have my work recognized. I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Wang and all my lab members for their kind help and support."

Congratulations, Mehrnaz! We look forward to sharing your continued success.