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Human Sciences Students of the Month

Paxton Barber, Undergraduate Student of the Month

Undergraduate Student of the Month

Paxton Barber

by Ellie Ebanks
Photo Credit: Ashley Brister

Junior Human Sciences Major Paxton Barber wears many hats as a student in the College of Human Sciences. Paxton is pursuing Occupational Therapy with her degree in Human Sciences and has three concentrations in Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies, and Mathematics. When Paxton isn't hitting the books, she's hitting the football field as a Texas Tech Cheerleader.

"Paxton is an excellent student who, while pursuing the prerequisites for Occupational Therapy in addition to the requirements of her degree, has maintained a 4.0 GPA," Human Sciences Advisor Kourtney Rodriguez said. "She has the type of personality that will light up any room. She will make a great healthcare professional and I cannot wait to see her impact on the world once she leaves Texas Tech University!"

Paxton chose her major because she plans on attending occupational therapy school after graduation or becoming a math teacher. Paxton said her major is extremely unique because of its broadness and how many career opportunities she will have because of it.

"With my major of Human Sciences, I am set up for success for whichever path I choose - occupational therapy or teaching math - which is why I love it so much," Paxton said. "I get to receive a degree that incorporates all the things I love into one."

Not only is Paxton able to incorporate all the things she loves into her Human Sciences degree, but she is also able to incorporate her love of cheerleading into her Texas Tech experience. Paxton is passionate about Cheerleading and has been practicing the sport for nearly her whole life. This is Paxton's third year on Texas Tech's All-Girl Cheerleading team.

"Cheerleading has been my passion since I was 5 and cheering for my favorite school is the experience of a lifetime!"

Paxton said that being the Undergraduate Student of the Month is an amazing accomplishment for her and that she is extremely honored. The Colleyville, Texas native said that her studies are very important to her so knowing that her hard work is paying off is an amazing feeling.

If Paxton could give any advice to her peers it would be to give your best effort in every area of your life.

"Best efforts normally give desired results, and what more could you want? Always put your best foot forward and you will be rewarded."

Jennifer Rose- Graduate Student of the Month

Graduate Student of the Month

Jennifer Rose

by Ashley Brister
Photo Credit: Ashley Brister

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) doctoral student Jennifer Rose has been selected as Graduate Student of the Month for October. The Draper, Utah native plans to complete her Ph.D. in May of 2020.

"I know there are so many students deserving of this award," Jennifer said. "I feel really humbled and grateful to be nominated as Graduate Student of the Month."

After earning her bachelor's degree in HDFS and continuing on to pursue a master's degree in social work, Jennifer knew she wanted to combine her passion for helping with her clinical experience. Texas Tech University's HDFS doctoral program fit her interests perfectly in a way that would allow her to explore research that makes an impact in the lives of many.

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of the HDFS Ph.D. program here at Texas Tech," Jennifer said. "I have been immensely grateful to work with my advisor, Dr. Ann Mastergeorge. She has been an incredible support to me as a Ph.D. student, and I have learned many important skills from her on being an effective researcher and teacher."

Jennifer says she has received support from the entire Human Development and Family Studies faculty, with many taking the time to work with her one-on-one. The opportunities Jennifer has been presented in her graduate studies are tools she says have strengthened her skills and abilities.

Outside of her Ph.D. progress, Jennifer is a member of the Graduate Student Association for HDFS, National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), and the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). Life keeps her busy as a loving mother of four children.

"My professional goal is to become a university professor who effectively teaches as well as produces meaningful research," Jennifer explains. "I hope to bring understanding to processes surrounding resilience, specifically buffering factors for families in stress. I aim to produce research that has policy and practice implications."

Jennifer would like to thank her family for their unwavering support.

"My husband and children are my greatest advocates and I would not be where I am today without their support. I strive to learn something from everyone around me because I believe that everyone has something to offer. I am grateful for so many opportunities within our department, and I strive to enjoy the journey of graduate school."